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She was SATAN!!

The summer was killer but one night will always stand out above the rest.

The summer was killer but one night will always stand out above the rest.
It was August 7, a great, clear night for a party. Me and about 5 of my friends were preparing for this party for months. we decided instead of our regular drinking we would try something new. WE were able to get our hands on about 6 grams of some pretty decent shrooms. So, pumped and ready to go we drove to the party.
As soon as we got there we consumed our tasty little treats. i was unaware at the tim, just how powerful theses little buggers were......
About half an hour later they started to kick in. I first started to notice it when i looked up at the clear sky and all the stars were twinkling, like actually twinkling, all one right after another.... it was soo beautiful. I started to sing twinkle twinkle little star quietly to myself, giggling like a child.
There was a big corn field to the right of us and a swing in the middle. i would sit on the swing and be tottally amazed at how on one side of me there was chaos (the party) and on the other there was peace (the cornfield) i said that same sentence probably about ten times until my friend told me to shut up. I was getting kind of hungry so i went to the corn field and started to eat some cold corn. it yasted absolutley heavenly! when i was done with the corn i threw the cob off to my side and it looked like it was flying in slow motion! it looked kind of like a boomerang. Totally amazed, i tried to tell my friends. but they didn't understand. There was this one tree that i fell in love with. it reminded me of something out of a fairy tale. as we sat under it, i began thinking that this looked like a tea party from alice in wonderland and then my friend scott turned into a cat! it was nuts!! and when he talked all that came out was "meow, meow, mee, mew, meow?" it was nuts!!
Later another friend was sitting on the swing, and she started saying she felt really mean. She started doing this laugh that just freaked the hell out of me. Then just as she looked at me, a car drove by and illuminated her face, she looked so damn scary! she turned into a devil! her face contorted into this wrinkly strange thing with turned down eyebrows and horns!! it scared me so much that i almost started to cry! She then got up and began dancing like an elf to some wierd music that was on. it was such a contradiction to what she looked like before that i just had to laugh.
after that frightening occurance, we made out way to the house. we turned on the tv and were so amzed that everythng we saw on tv completly tied in with what we were talking about! i felt so incredibly smart. Everything made sense! we had about an a hour long talk about blinds and how they are made to shut out the evil in the world. at the time the converstaion made perfect sense. We turned on some music and the lyrics just made so much sense! it was like they wer talking just to me! there was no music, just a voice. it was totally creepy.
I was having some pretty strange visals too. the walls looked like waterfalls and htey looked so real that i had to go touch them. After about 20 minutes of mollesting the wall my friends asked what i was doing. I felt pretty stupid but i still couldn't ake my hands away from the wall.
The night was great! after that we spent the rest of the night talking intil our shroom effect wore off. what a killer party!

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