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Sgt. Pepper Trip

I was about 19,150 lbs when this trip happened.

I was about 19,150 lbs when this trip happened. It was after months and months of trying endlesly to find mushrooms from someone. So me and me buddy decided to grow our own, i beleive they were the hawaiin strain. Anyways, once they grew,we blended several fresh cubensis until it was just a blue mush and put them in lasagna. We decided to trip in my friends parents house as they were out of town.
Now the importance of this is that his parents house was a big two story house with an indoor pool and an intercom system that could play music throughout the house. There were three of us, Me, R, and H. After ingesting me and H lit of a joint in the garage inside his dads old hudson. This is where the trip started. The ceiling of the car began to swirl and i got a strong urge to go out in his yard (it was a beutiful sunny day) and play soccer. Me and H went and kicked this giant blow up ball and the most incredible feeling came over me. It was like i was a little boy again. So me and H and R went back in the house. I decide its time to put on the Beatles Sgt. Pepper through the entire house. Within a couple of minutes R has traveled back to infancy unable to comunicate and curles up in a ball. So me and H go off on our own journey.
This is where the visuals start. His parents walls were covered i paisley floweres and they all came off the wall and floated around me. The feeling was completley concentrated but at no time did i feel intoxicated, i felt very Clear. So by this time Within in you, Without you is playing and the room i am in has a big ceiling fan. It comes down and encompasses me. It was incredible. I continues to trip to Pepper and wound up lying next to the pool in complete euphoria. I wondered where H was and finally found him pereched on the roof. He later said he saw Mr. peanut in the clouds or something. It was definatly the best shroom exp i ever had and i'll never forget it.

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