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Self Shroomin

Wow, that's all I can say after last night.

Wow, that's all I can say after last night. It was like a new chapter or a new beginning had arisen from my mind. As I survey the scene in my apartment the next day I find 24 pieces of paper with various scribbled thoughts and drawings scattered around the floor. There are also word documents on my laptop that resemble some of Shakespeare's writings.

Where to start. Hmm, well let me set the scene. I had gotten back to my apartment after school and decided that today was going to be my first trip and I was alone. So, I turned on my black light, closed all the blinds, turned on a mix of some very relaxing music and meditated for 30 minutes before I drank my mixture of orange juice and 2.6 dry grams (mostly ahorts) of Psilocyben cubensis mushrooms. I then waited for the effects to come over me.

T+15min: feeling weirdly numb, face tightening and making me smile
T+25min: slight nausea and out of head feelings.

At this point I decided to lie on the carpet because it felt so good. The tape that I was playing stopped and I decided to play the soundtrack for The Phantom Menance: Starwars Episode I. I believe that was the best decision of my life so far. Wonderful fluorescent colors raced through my mind. Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, many others and even fluorescent black. Each of those colors felt as if they had an emotion of there very own. I found myself back at the geology department and the cross sections of these rocks were just beautiful. All of the desks had flashing lights surrounding them as if they were runways for small landing craft. When I open my eyes I was looking across the carpet and it turned into a huge city just like a cross between Simcity 3000 and the Grand Canyon. There were an infinite number of roads and huge mushrooms growing throughout the city. Each mushroom was 2x the size of the highest building. At that moment, I turned over and moved my hands in front of my face. It was if mushrooms were growing out of my head. I saw something on my hand and decided to look at it more closely. When I held it close to my eye, I could see that they were tremendous maps of some kind of star system or possibly blue prints to the galaxy. The symbols were incredible and very intricate. Almost like something from Stargate, or flight of the intruder, or even Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Wherever I looked, there they were. Lots of maps and blueprints of the whole existence of life.

It occurred to me that I could read all languages and that Hieroglyphics weren't a form of communication, they were what the Egyptians saw. Somehow, there was some kind of psychedelics in the rice that they ate which they had harvested from the Nile.

After that, I had many in-depth thoughts about my future and myself which I wrote down on paper. A few exerts: It is the thought that counts, not just being there. ;The power of suggestion is powerful, use it wisely. ; Just wait for your awakening, feeling awake sure feels good, I've got to share this feeling with the whole world. ; It's not just realizing what they are, it's placing oneself in another man's shoes and being able to understand more. ; Look to yourself for answers. ; Take with you, what you have learned, and use it to educate others. ; Do things in groups of people. ; Enjoy nature and have fun. ; Do things for the common good of all mankind. ; Communicate and drool, if you want! ; We aren't crazy, we have found the answers. ; Are humans a virus? ; Be a good influence to other people. ; Live in the moment. ; Be more than your writings, go into your work and transfer part of your body. ; What you think are hunches are really gut feelings. ; Don't get lost in there, it's a big world. ; Love everyone. ; Learning is being more in-depth in a certain subject for prolonged periods of time. ; A person's ideas are like their own little segment in this world. ; Pictures are only small glimpses into another world that we think we know but really don't. ; I've done it, hieroglyphics in another dimension, thinking we are the first one to discover, when all we are doing is just revisiting some long dormant traits. ; To inspire another person is to give a great gift. ; Shrooming is like being aware of your surroundings, feeling good for the moment but cherishing ideas for the long haul. ; and many other writings and scribbles.

After I was over the peak of my trip, I watched the sky change colors (there is a hurricane passing near here) and looked at the unreal green grass. The visuals and complete understanding of everything and unity with the whole world was indescribable. It was a tremendously awesome first trip and can't wait to go back again, but this time with someone else.
By Dave79

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