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For whatever reason, I seem to be more affected by given amounts of ps.

For whatever reason, I seem to be more affected by given amounts of ps. cub. than the average person, or else I've come across extra-potent mushies. (But without chemical aid, I've been able to have mild closed eye hallucinations since my late teens - seeing outdoor nature scenes, people preparing food in their homes, etc., so maybe there's a connection there.) Keep this in mind if trying to have a similar experience as described below. It might take a little more.]

But on to the trip. I took 0.75g of dried ps. cub. on an empty stomach around 5pm. After 15 min. or so, I started feeling that early tingling feeling of it coming on. It was late autumn, and I looked outside at the trees outback. I could soon see the branches weren't just growing; they were reaching to the heavens rejoicing in life, sharing their happiness, and exalting in God. (I'm not a dogmatically religious, church going person, if you're wondering.) This made me incredibly happy. When a squirrel ran by, I realized it was part of it "all." Then it occurred to me that I was part of it all, too, making me happier still.

About then, I began getting drowzy and decided to put on some music and mellow out a bit. I popped a Native American disc in, and laid down with my eyes closed. This was maybe 30 or 40 minutes after ingesting the mushrooms. As I listened, the blackness behind my eyes opened up into a black, open universe - it's hard to describe, but there was a definite feeling of moving elsewhere and into this place. It wasn't a scary dark, or even a friendly dark - just "there." But then the chanting in the music started to kick in. Suddenly, I was slowly moving, bodyless, down dark, but not completely black, caves. I was aware of other bodyless people there with me, and was happy to be bringing them such nice music. (I was sure that the music I was listening to was somehow being brought along.) I wondered if they were from earth or not but wasn't much concerned in any event. Once, I ended up in a dead-end, a kind of roughly spherical place slightly wider in diameter than the passageway. Instead of doing anything, I just rested there and enjoyed the comfortable, almost wet, feeling. It was as if the air were super-moist, and the music was becoming even more beautiful. Then I started floating down the passageways again.

Songs changed on the cd, and I was instantly out under a clear, starry sky in a desert. Maybe this was influenced by knowing the music was Native American? I don't know, but it seemed real. I could hear thumping of drums in the distance (not on the cd, by the way). I'm guessing I was peaking around this point, if not earlier. Then, it was suddenly a "2001: A Space Odyssey" sort of thing. I was rushing through space between bubbles of color. It was more organized than the 2001 effects; kind of like going through intricate patterns and "columns" of color balls. I could see more patterns far beyond the columns I was in. Then my wife came home, and I kind of homed in on concensus reality, and other than being a bit giggly, was in good shape and extremely happy.

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