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Second trip (homegrown Equador)

After I tripped for the first time off aborts I was ready to munch my complete fruits.

After I tripped for the first time off aborts I was ready to munch my complete fruits. I ate 7 srhooms...they were all about 3 inches long with 1 inch caps. So I ate them and drank some orange juice. It was sometime in the afternoon adn my friend was here as a sitter. My first time I smoked weed with it but this time I decided to experience just the shrooms. So after about an hour I was just laughing crazy at nothing. Then music was incredible...almost made the trip too intense. Or maybe just KoRn does that...but whatever it was I had to turn it offcause if I didn't I would've gotten so dizzy I would've fainted. So I got up and went to the bathroom. During my first trip the mirror triggered insecure thoughts about me...but not this time. Maybe it's cause I didn't smoke and wasn't self concious and paranoid. But my face looked amazing. Like the texture. I rubbed my face with my fingers and it felt and looked elastic. Wherever I slid my finger had a trail of wrinkles follow like it was water and ripples. Water felt BEAUTIFUL...especially just trickling down your hand...I was kneeling in front of my sink playing with the water for like 10 minutes. Then I went back in my room where my friend was bored and pissed as hell cause he wasn't tripping or high. The floor and walls were waving. Like a little ball sticking out of the ground just going all over the room...the walls were moving in and out breathing and tipping...I was pretty dizzy too. So he was trying to talk to me and I just couldn't listen. His words were so slow and simple minded. In my head thoughts were flying...his words were TOO SLOW for me to care about. I was also lost in my curtain. It has a bunch of wrinkles and it made hundreds of faces. I could see a face everywhere I looked. I think I forgot to close my eyes until I was was coming down. I mean I blinked but never just closed my eyes. After my friend left I remembered getting the same thought as my first time...is it gonna be like this forever? I couldn't imagine thinking sober anymore and was afraid my mind is gonna think like in a constant trip. Feeling sober felt foreign. I didn't want to be sober all the time but I didn't want to trip all the time. I didn't know what to hope for...so I just layed there...trying to go to sleep...but my head wouldn't let me...just kept thinking and thinking about so many things. Then eventually I fell asleep.

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