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Second time Tripping....Euphoria II

Age:21 Weight:122 Female This past weekend i Tripped for the second time and felt totally Euphoric.


This past weekend i Tripped for the second time and felt totally Euphoric. My mindset before eating the shrooms was totally enthusiastic and open considering i had a good experience the first time i ate shrooms. I decided to go to my parents house to do them rather than my one bedroom apartment because last time i tripped at my friends college house i enjoyed changing my environment by moving from room to room and outside, which in my opinion is the best place to be when your tripping.

I didn't do much preparations for my trip. I brought colorful, funny movies to watch, such as the life aquatic, but i ended up not watching more than 20 minutes of the movie, which i put on within 10 minutes of eating the mushrooms. I also brought pull and peel twislers. the consistency of them and the whole pull and peel action i find to be very enjoyable, as weird as it may sound. Other than that my preparations were insignificant.

i ate an 1/8 an ounce at about 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon with only my boyfriend, it was his third time. I started feeling the initial effects within 20 minutes of eating them. I was totally giddy, just laughing at the most random shit, then i had the nausea feeling a bit, but i found it easy to deal with if i didn't think about it. By about 5:00 i was starting to peak. the wall paper in my kitchen was moving and morphing into different shapes, i have a long haired gray and white cat, his hair was mesmerizing for about 10 minutes, i just sat there running my fingers through it, and it was awesome. I returned to the room where my boyfriend was and my brother was also there, tho he wasn't shrooming. He had a pink Floyd DVD on and it was bugging me out a bit.

At this point me and my boyfriend decided to go in my hot tub. i find then when I'm beginning my trip i feel like a total mess, meaning i get side tracked by everything and it takes me forever to actually do what my plan was, in this case going in my hot tub. finally after about what seemed like 30 min of roaming around my house, but I'm sure it was more like 10 minutes we went out in the hot tub. It was still relatively light outside when we went out there it was rainy and cold, but it ended up being good for my experience. I find that being outside enhances my trip and makes me feel at one with nature. Plants and trees feel more alive then ever and i get the feeling that i understand the world and everything around me. I am usually very cynical about the world, you know the American government, religion and what not. But when I'm tripping everything is in working order and i feel like I'm part of nature and mother earth, so to speak. The mist and steam from the hot tub going into the cold air made my visuals way intense. All the lights both inside and outside my house has a rainbow aura around them. the TV was on in my family room and the blinds of the sliding doors were open do i could see the lights from the TV changing and it was incredible, hard to dot explain,but it was very vivid, and colorful, almost like when you see fireworks in the distance on a clear summer night.

My visuals only heightened as i was out there. I was looking into the outside light fixture on my house, the shadows it was making looked like giant trees with huge roots, something you'd see In a fantasy movie, my whole yard began to look like an enchanted forest, and in he middle was this one tree with light radiating from the center, like it was a home carved inside a giant tree, like you'd see in a movie like lord of the rings or something. My head was low in the water my chin was submerged, and the perimeter of the hot tub began looking like rocks on the bank of a river of natural hot spring with blue light radiating from below(which was my hot tub). And i was looking out over a vast scene of rocks water lights and trees, it was amazing. I also have outside speakers and we were listening to Jimi Hendrix's Axis:Bold as Love. i recommend listening it when ur tripping, its fantastic

I decided to go inside and i was still experiencing visuals, it was only about 6:30 even though i had felt like was in the hot tub forever. this is when i began to come down i was still seeing visuals, i was looking at my carpeting in my bedroom and you know how carpets can show different shades when the carpet is pushed a certain direction, like after vacuuming. I saw those shadows moving and morphing around. At this point i began to feel warm and snuggly for lack of a better term. Its like that feeling after coming in from playing in the snow when your little and theres a fire burring in your fire place and your mom makes you hot chocolate. I felt every relaxed and warm inside, Me and my boyfriend were totally in tune with each other the whole night and i felt emotionally closer to him.

the visuals began to go away and i started trying to organize everything and clean my house, I felt as though i had to do all these meaningless tasks, but at the time i felt i had to do it. After i cleaned up my house and dealt with all the shit that got wet from being outside i relaxed and we watched a movie, and out trip was over, It was awesome tho. Its a shortcut to enlightenment.

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