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Second time shrooming

Last night was my second time tripping on mushrooms, and it couldn't have been more different than the first time.

Last night was my second time tripping on mushrooms, and it couldn't have been more different than the first time. I'm not sure if it was a good trip or a bad trip, I'm very ambivalent about it, though I think the 3 oz. of Delsym I took prior made it more intense than I was hoping.

We (3 of us) mixed a pretty good amount of mushrooms (a 32 oz. 7-11 cup filled to the top) with a carton of orange juice. The result was a grayish sludge that tasted like liquid shrooms. The Delsym was already kicking in, and within 10 minutes the shrooms had taken over.

Everything went well for a little bit. My trip buddy was typing a post on the shroomery and I asked my other friend to put a CD in the computer, but he pushed the power button. The typist was briefly upset, but then he suggested we go to the house he used to live in and use that computer. I didn't want to drive my car, and was able to be talked into letting someone else drive it. The shrooms were hitting my really hard, a lot of nausea accompanied by feeling like my body was vibrating. The visuals were not pronounced yet, but were taking shape. We returned to the first house and I laid on the couch with my headphones and Boards of Canada. I was enjoying myself quite a bit, seeing visions I've never seen. Eventually our little group started to break down, so I thought it was best me and the 3rd who lives on campus with me leave. I somehow managed to operate my car pefectly.

The next 2 hours consisted of watching milkdrop and listening to electronica, accompanied by "profound" thoughts. I pondered the purpose of money and material posessions. I had thoughts of God and being God, though I was fabricating them for my own amusement.

The worst part of the trip was when I tried to go to sleep. I wandered into my dorm room around 3:30 and I felt very disoriented. I was still having extreme visual, patterns and such, but I mostly had thoughts of being dead, and I couldn't remember what drugs I had taken, and sometimes I had no memory of my existence, that I had just been born or something. It took me about 2 hours to go to sleep.

Lessen learned? No more Delsym!

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