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second time

I was with 3 friends and we all took some shroomz.

I was with 3 friends and we all took some shroomz. I took 2.5 grams and smoked some weed. At first I was just seeing funky light patterns and the gradient in the sky looked damn cool. Then everything was morphing and moving. The patterns in the snow seemed to lean in different directions. then i took out my mp3 playa and played some tool. everything i saw seemed to move in sync with the music, especially bass notes. i went into a convenience store with a friend and it seemed so small inside. i felt like i was crawling through a tiny space, so i kept on knocking stuff off the shelves. later we went to where the mansions were... but they all looked so small, i wasnt really sure how big they were. and then we all went in the forest and someone hid from me and then ran to me and tackled me... apparently i screamed like a girl... neways i got some crazy idea about everything is just matter and energy,or something like that. when we were walking around i was so messed up that my friends said i looked like an injured animal, cause i had trouble walking. we went to my friends house and as i was listening to music, this alien toy on the wall seemed to turn its head and look at me... then he would say sup, then i said sup... then i went to bed

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