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Scrubs is my happy place.

A few nights ago I bought shrooms for the first time.

A few nights ago I bought shrooms for the first time. I had taken them three times previous, but I had grown them. The first two times I only had very mild trips, because I always read that it was a good idea to break into shrooming slow so that you had an idea what to expect. The third time was the only time that I actually felt I tripped; it was still a mild trip, very minimal visuals. A friend of my had bought some shrooms that he said were very strong and told me to get some, so I did, because I had not yet reached the level of trip that I had intended.

I am 22 years old, about 215 lbs, I hadn't eaten for four hours and I was the dry shrooms down with orange juice(yummy).

It was a Sunday night, it was about 11 pm and I was tired of waiting to take shrooms with someone. Yea, I know bad idea to take them by your self, but I was really anxious. My friend told me to take half of an eighth at the most, it measured out to be about 2.5 grams roughly. After about 15 to 30 minutes of eating the shrooms I felt it starting to kick in. I smiled, because I knew what was about to happen. I lied down and watched some TV and continued to talk to people online. About an hour into it became very hard to type or see the computer from my bed. I started noticing the floor moving and making wavy motions. Next I noticed my bed seemed to be slowly spinning toward the right. Again I smiled these were much stronger than the ones I had grown. It seemed as though there was a black hole in my room, by that I mean everything seemed to be flowing toward a spot in my room, even my bed. I finally turned over on my back and stared at the ceiling, it was going crazy. There were little reddish green claymation figures crawling all over my ceiling, they seemed to be out of a Tool music video, there were thousands of them. At this point I started to become easy because it was very early into the trip to being seeing so much stuff. I started to worry that I had gotten in over my head. Soon I started to sweat and I became very heavy, it became very hard to move around. My shirt seemed very tight around my neck and breathing became a hard task. I thought, “Oh, shit what I have got myself into.” I started talking to a friend and told him that I shouldn’t have done them alone. He assured me that I would be ok. He told me to just lay back and relax. I knew that already, but I just couldn’t do it. The thoughts were racing so fast in my mind I knew for sure that I had lost my mind. I felt like there were 6 of my inside my head and they were all arguing and thinking different things. I just couldn’t relax and I got scared because it was still very early in the trip. After what seemed like hours(probably 30 minutes), I started to calm down and I went and got a beer. I turned off all my lights, my black light, my TV, my music, and I turned on some Scrubs on my computer. I also took of the restricting shirt( I swore it was choking me). Scrubs put me back in my happy place, I was still very nervous and my legs were shaking nervously for the rest of the trip. While watching Scrubs I started noticing their faces where distorting really bad, sometimes they would melt away, other times they would become fat and look nothing like normal. People in the background were turning and looking at me, sometimes they just smiled at me other times they stared at me like they were surprised I noticed them. Once I even saw the devil or a demon in one of their faces(I thought it was cool, not very scary). At the end of one of the Scrubs episodes I wasn’t ready to get up so I just stared at the computer screen. There was a guy lying in a hospital bed, his face started changing shapes and going nuts. I then noticed that his face had morphed into my dead grandfather’s face, as I continued to watch it the face soon turned into my grandmother’s face, but she started to talk to me. I could not hear or make out what she was saying, but she was talking. That was really the most memorable things that happened.

All I know is that I will not do shrooms alone again. I felt that I could handle, but these shrooms grabbed me by the balls and would not let go. Even after the trip started out bad, it ended up very well and I enjoyed the whole experience. I always used to wonder how people could have bad trips, but I understand it now. You better be good at controlling your thoughts if you are going to be alone.

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