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Ok heres how it works.

Ok heres how it works......a valintines day dance on friday night at my school that i was gonna hit

but something special for the occasion was needed cause ya know there fun to do so SHROOMS WERE THE ANSWER

however shit had to hit that night and i had to work till 8 and damn school dances end at like 10-11 ish so i decided to chew before i left for work so after i had a shower and everything else the shrooms would be taking affect

BUT SHIT HIT TWICE THAT NIGHT and my boss asked me to stay a half our later to help with the rush i was flipping cause i had eaten 2 grams a half hour before i was supposed to be off and i would end up getting out of there until i was into the trip

but seeing as there was a new manager i had to stay to make a good impression....

......little did i know what was in store............

half way into making a stack of med pizzas at little caesars a little pink teddy bear appears in the pan and tells me that i can't finish my job and make the stack....i was freaking out....he said that he would tell my boss i was on shrooms and i would get into shit........

.......after a little fighting and throwing him accross the room i finished and got out

again shit happened i had to be picked up by my dad yes dad good thing he didn't notice my little teddy friend hopping up and down on the front dash because then i would have had to end my story then and there.......

for the rest of that ride all he did was sit on the dash but on the ride to the dance he decided it was a good idea to cover my dads eyes so he couldn't see

i flipped i was like STOP THAT my dad looked at me like what the hell !!!! (thank god he didn't notice)

anyway i got to the dance and the lights hit and damn man they freaked me out ..... ya know how girls always like to dance in front of the lights well these girls were really hot and all i saw was a bunch of girls dancing that looked naked i was OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK i'll hit that

then everyones head started getting bigger and smaller it was freaky

then a little while later the trip was simmering down and nothing special happened so i wont bore you with details



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