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Scary Peak

So, I tried mushrooms for my first time about 2 months ago.

So, I tried mushrooms for my first time about 2 months ago. Me and my friend split up what I thought was an eighth (it was actually more like an eighth plus a half an eighth) of dried shrooms. After a while I start to trip and I'm loving it. The visuals come in and they are awesome! I actually stared at my friends shower curtain for 20 minutes watching it move (It was a tropical scene with fish on it and the whole thing was moving and it looked like the fish were swimming). After two hours I hit the peak. I was smoking a bowl while these 2 guys I had never met before were fucking with me hardcore (I didn't know that you're not supposed to trip with people you don't know or with people you don't like). So, I didn't realize that the bowl was beat (kicked, cashed, bit) and I inhaled an entire bowl of ash into my lungs. I coughed it up and I was okay, but, in my mind, I thought that it would cause me to die. So, I started rolling around in the grass, screaming "I'm gonna die, I inhaled a bowl of ash." That's when this girl that I knew, but didn't like, started pouring ice cold water on my head (it was about 50 degrees outside) saying, "It's okay, it will take your trip away." She was wrong. So, for the next two hours, I spent my time thinking I was going to die and screaming out for various people (My boss, the police, the hospital, my parents, my best friend, acquaintances, anyone that I thought could help me). I pissed a lot of people off that night, but I'm definitely going to trip again, I'll just remember to do it right. By the way, after I came off the peak but was still tripping, I had a great time.

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