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Hey everyone, Okay this was my first time tripping and I had been planning on it for over 2 months.

Hey everyone,

Okay this was my first time tripping and I had been planning on it for over 2 months. I thought I would give you some background info quickly on myself so you can understand why I tripped so hard Saturday night (about a month ago now). I am 19 years old, 5’11” but a very light weight guy (only 120 lbs). Forgive me if this is kinda long but it will get interesting, just as my night did

The night started out with me getting off work, going home and getting a ton of weed and the mushrooms. There were 7 of us doing them and so I had 14 grams, 2 for each of us. My friend K was having the party and both her and I had never done them before…everyone else had. When I got to her house, I asked the stoners in the house if they wanted to have some hoots and so we all went out to her garage. We got pretty stoned and had a really awesome water fight but it was so cold out that the water didn’t help. I then went to my friend’s basement with another VERY experience tripper and we picked out our baggies of mushrooms (I had separated them all into 2 gram packs the night before.) The next thing that happened set me up for a really bad trip. D told me that I did an awesome job splitting up the mush and that he had never seen it done so well.. “T, you could be such a good drug dealer, no one would even know you deal!” is what he said to me…I agreed only joking and then we got the 5 of us who were at the party (2 still to come) but we had waited over an hour for them so we decided to do the mush without them. It was 10 after 9 and we all sat at the table and ate the mushrooms. There were some pieces of caps but the rest of the mushrooms were crushed and having pasties did not make them taste very good. I managed to get them down though without a problem.

20 minutes later my friend Jay was trying to tell me a joke but I just couldn’t help laughing. I knew that this was the beginning of my trip and it felt like a pot stone only a lot more laughing involved. I walked around the house for about 20 minutes and realized that it was a lot different than a marijuana stone because it slowly creeps up on you. I was flying pretty high at this time (almost 50 minutes after eating them) so I decided to sit down on the couch. Everyone else was upstairs at this point because I could hear there was someone new in the house. Everyone’s voices sounded so distant so I closed my eyes and the most amazing thing happened. I felt like I was being drawn towards something and all of a sudden I was going through this 3-D pink vortex that looked kinda computer generated. It made me feel kinda sick so I opened my eyes and it was 10 times worse. Nothing I had read on this website could prepare me for this, I looked at the stucco ceiling and all the little pieces looked like they were in harmony moving back and forth a million miles an hour.

Someone called my name so I went upstairs. It was H and R and they had finally gotten to the party, I gave them the mush and we went outside for a joint. When I got back in (I thought like 20 minutes had passed by) they were still not eating their mushrooms. I went to the basement bathrooms and saw R had hers in a glass of water. I was so high at this point that I didn’t comprehend what she said so I asked her to repeat herself. She asked me who all was on mushrooms. I have known R for about 3 months or longer but she freaked me out cuz I thought she was an undercover police agent and wanted me to admit it so that we could get busted. I just mumbled something to her and went upstairs. At this point in the trip, the mushrooms were coming on full flare and I had to sit down because I found my coordination was off. We started to watch American pie but I could not concentrate long enough. People kept coming up to me and I got more and more paranoid of everyone in the room. People would come up and say (T are you okay)…I thought they were trying to get me to admit that I was high on mushrooms and was a dealer so I kept on saying I was fine. The paranoia kept getting worse until I just laid down and watched everything from another dimension. I felt as if I was in a glass cage filled with water. I kept yawning as if I was tired but knew I was not. At this point, the tracers were at their peak and I just wanted to end my trip….I remember a million thoughts going through my head and couldn’t stand it. I tried to remind myself that it was only the mushrooms but as soon as I felt better, someone would pass me and I would get paranoid again (these are all my best friends so it was weird that I was afraid of them). Finally I got up (after what seemed like 5 hours of freaking out) to go to the bathroom. I went pee, and then looked in the mirror. At first I looked normal until I studied my face and it looked like it was glowing bright orange..sort of like I had fake skin that looked like plastic. I wanted to see my pupils so I looked at them and they were so huge. All of a sudden, my eyes stared pulsating in and out and then vibrated like the ceiling. I got out of the bathrooms and went back to the couch I was laying on. I began to melt into the couch but the paranoia had gone away. I could finally talk to people. I looked at the carpet and it waved like the sea, waved my hand and the tracers were even worse than before. I heard this sound (the only way I can explain it is that it was divine in nature). It sounded unlike anything I had ever heard before and I looked at this picture of 2 geese and mountains behind them. The geese looked so real and started to flu towards me, almost popping out of the picture…the sun in the picture looked so real. I got up again and the walls began to bend in and out. Five minutes later I was returning to reality and it felt really good. For the next hour I was in my happy place and it felt so good (everything was hilarious). I could not sleep at all that night or the morning so I just watched movies.

It is hard to explain a trip of the magnitude I felt but it was so scary. I loved the way everything looked though. I would recommend doing 1 gram your first time and increasing the dose the next time you trip. I want to do shrooms so bad again because it opens your eyes to the world around you and to the world we don’t get to see so often (the spiritual world). I hope this report can help out some new comers to mushrooms.

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