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Boat Ride

Well it was my first time eating shrooms and I hadn't planned on it at all.

Well it was my first time eating shrooms and I hadn't planned on it at all. It just so happened I was online when my good friend Chaz sends me an IM and he says that my other good friend Pat just got a batch of shrooms, well over a pound to sell. I was extremely excited to hear the good news because I had wanted to shroom for quite some time.

I bought $100 worth of shrooms for me and to share. Me, Chaz and his brother Coby packed into my car after purchasing the shrooms and set out for the local park/beach. We met up with Chaz's Aunt to pick rasberries, of all things, and ate the shrooms. I had a two caps and three stems to myself and save what was left for another time (18 year old female, aprox 115lbs, BTW). I knew when the shrooms hit because I could feel EVERYTHING. I could feel the ground, the air, the humidity, the sun, the trees, the bushes, the bugs. I remember looking off of a cliff right as it hit and to the beach below, the waves were calm, lapping on and off of the sand, rippling.. I felt it on my face, in my lips. It was amazing.

At some point Chaz's aunt called her son and he happened to be driving a boat about and found us at the beach. Chaz and I were tripping pretty hard at that time and were given the opportunity to take a ride on the boat. The boat ride was hillarious. I remember looking onto the water and I felt like I was in a video game of some sort, taking the waves head on, it was very surreal. At this point visuals were no question and the splash of water on the sides of the boat were amazing along with the clean blue sky with splotches of clouds. Everything had taken a sort of aura, everything was surrounded by rainbows and for lack of a better word, happiness.

Driving back to Chaz's house was also something else. I had a mixed cd I made with a bunch of different drum and bass songs playing and I could feel the music, particularily the bass, radiating on me, it was wonderful. While I was driving I remember feeling like I was sinking into my car maybe becoming "one" with it but I was concentrating on driving and getting us home in one piece so the feeling of oneness was esasperated.

Back at Chaz's house we ventured down into Coby's room to watch Fantasia 2000. It was a trip. We turned off all the lights except for the lava lamp and there were some glowing objects in the room too. He had a kitten and she was a trip. I remember playing with her on the floor, I had gotten down on all fours and eventualy ended up laying with her. I would rub my face and head onto hers trying to communicate and at some point I almost felt like I was looking at myself in cat form, it was weird. Just as that thought had spurred Coby spoke and drove my train of thought else where.

We had a few episodes in his room in which we spoke of Time and how tomorrow doesn't exists and how it's only ever today. Try talking about that, it'll start to give you crazy thoughts. Of course this was disrupted by an onslought of laughter by the both of us, throughout the whole trip I found myself nearly at tears with laughter most of the time with uncontrollable smiles. Good times.

The rest of the day was a blurr. The passing of time was ridiculously slow but fast at the same time. We all ended up just staring at pictures in the living room and searching for crazy videos on youtube. When I began coming down though, that's another story.


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