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Say "Please"

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a lovely bag of dried mushies (Psilocybe cubensis) from my cousin in Washington.

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a lovely bag of dried mushies (Psilocybe cubensis) from my cousin in Washington. Upon stating to him that us poor saps in Colorado can't get any because his kind horded them all for themselves, he hooked me up. He has been given my gratitude, as his gift opened up a whole new beautiful world. Here is my story.

My friend James and I split about 4 grams, 2 each. We were at my apartment and planned on staying there the duration of the journey. I had been holding on to them for about 9 months, so they tasted foul like you can't imagine. After attempting to chew them in to a pulp we both gave up and swallowed them. They tasted so awful, I can't tell you.

Once swallowed it was about a half hour before the carnival began. The first signs were when James and I started laughing like happy clowns under the big top. We kicked back on my reclining couch and turned on the music. Immediately colors and textures began to distort. When I looked over at James he appeared to have some kind of green fuz on his skin to go with the big grin he was wearing. We put our heads back and the next two hours are now nothing more than a few choice moments. I remember seeing vibrant colors swirling in random patterns and rain drops of light falling from the top of my mind in to view. No real dialogue was exchanged during this time. I may have opened my eyes once or twice during this time. After what one would assume as the peak had passed, the real intensity set in.

The music was Enya, and her voice and the accompanying music made me honestly believe I had died and that she was welcoming me to heaven. I have incomplete memories of my visions at this stage, but I recall the most beautiful soft light, whispering voices hiding behind walls of cloud, and an even brighter light beckoning from above. It was then James and I sat up and began talking about what we were seeing and feeling. I swear we were both together at this time, as our feelings melded and we shared a similar vision of joy and gratitude for life. We confided in each other that we were experiencing a higher plane of existence. The music sounded so beautiful that no words could ever describe it.

Now on to the interesting part of the journey. After about a half hour of meditating in and out to Enya, I started to have brilliant flashes of enlightenment. I remember feeling that I knew the meaning to the entire universe. I was still so high that I knew I would never remember it later so I raced in to the kitchen to get a pen and paper. The paper swirled under the pen like liquid vanilla ice cream pouring down a drain. It took everything I had but I began writing my brilliant thoughts on the true meaning of life and the universe. The sense of accomplishment and enlightenment were almost overwhelming. After writing all of this revelation down I folded the paper and ever so carefully placed it on the counter top in my kitchen so I wouldn't lose it.

After this James and I were racing down that mountain of a high. It took about another hour to come down almost completely. During this time James and I continued to talk spiritually and enjoy the etheral voice of Enya. James left after about 5 hours had passed and I crawled to bed, exhausted from my incredible journey to the edge.

Upon awakening the next morning I felt suprisingly good. I had done shrooms a few times before and always felt hung over the next day. Maybe that tall glass of orange juice when washing down the shrooms really helped. Then it hit me like a loaded diaper cracked open on the hot blacktop in the dead of Summer. My revelation to the meaning of the universe was awaiting me in the kitchen. I was so excited, yet so hesitant. I knew this was going to be so powerful. I didn't know if I was ready. I slowly approched the folded slip of paper resting on my kitchen counter. My hands shook as I took the paper from the counter. I closed my eyes for a moment and only imagined how my life would be changed forever after reading what revelation lay within. I slowly opened the folded paper and inside was my nights work, the meaning to the universe. It read, "Say Please"

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