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Saved By Stella

I'm not an inexperienced tripper, I did quite alot of acid and shrooms when i was a teenager but I stopped taking all drugs about 4 years ago.

I'm not an inexperienced tripper, I did quite alot of acid and shrooms when i was a teenager but I stopped taking all drugs about 4 years ago. I've just finished uni, had the house to myself, and i thought what the hell, why not have some fun...
I bought 45g fresh gold cap cubensis from camden market, ingested 1/2 on an empty stomach at 8.30 pm. washed down with oj. Waited approx. half an hour, then common sense deserted me, and I ate the other half. Went up to my room. About 9.15 began to feel the first effects, primarily physical. I felt a strange 'tingling' sensation through my body, and my muscles felt extremely odd, not 'tense' exatcly, but as if they were 'energised' or something. I stood up to put some music on and completely lost co-ordination, like I was dead drunk. Anyway, the music sounded awesome (cut chemist & dj shadow, product placement lp) and I lay down on my bed feeling extremely euphoric. The visuals then started, at first 2d geometric patterns when my eyes closed, but then in the actual room as well; the lights in my room (I have multi-coloured rack bulbs) seemed to be giving all kinds of patterns and shadings, like a holographic effect. Then, at 10.20, my girlfriend phoned me (who is incredibly anti-drugs and would have freaked). I pretended that I had been asleep and did my best to muddle through the conversation, all the while I noticed the visuals were getting stronger. After that I just stared up at the ceiling, the walls began to 'breathe' and pulsate. I had full-on 3d visuals when I shut my eyes now,a rolling pink tunnel of dancing mushrooms (!).
At this point I the trip took a nasty turn. I began to feel extremely anxious and emotional, thinking 'what the fuck am i doing...I'm such a fuck up'. I thought about my family and stuff and how I was letting them down. This is about 11 now. I lay down on the floor (having turned the music off) and the patterns on my carpet were moving and scrolling, then the whole room started to pitch forward and around, like being on a boat. I was thinking, shit, how much stonger can this get? I can't take it!. I went down stairs to get a few beers. When I came back I put the tv on it was the weirdest thing. The colours were pulsating and the faces of the people kept changing, they looked like goblins or monsters. The sound was odd too, it kept getting louder and quiter and changing in pitch. I looked at the back of the stella bottle and could not read a single word, even though it was right in front of my face. This really freaked me out, I was thinking SHIT! WHAT HAVE I DONE! I then kept checking my mobile to make sure that I hadn't phoned my girlfriend (?), I did this about 20-30 times. I kept thinking I'm going to be freaked out permanently by this. Anyway, I eventually found a funny programme (Eurotrash) and this calmed be down a bit, I started to laugh at it as well. I realised that the worst part of the trip was over now and I was okay, I didn't feel anxious or melancholy anymore and the visuals had stopped. I kept reading the back of the beer bottle and it got clearer everytime. This was about 12.00 am. I felt quite content and happy again. I got some more beers and carried on watching tv till about 2, then went to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling fine.
I'm glad I did trip even though it was quite nasty in places, but dont think I'll be doing it again anytime soon...

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