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just wanted to tell the expanding mind generation about a pleasant expereance.

just wanted to tell the expanding mind generation about a pleasant expereance. This weekend my girlfriend,some friends and I dosed at Callaway Gardens, south Georgia. Botany, being our choice study has brought us there sveral times. For those who do not know what Callaway is, it is simply a huge garden with many smoth,blacktop bike trails,a butterfly inclosed habitat(which you may walk in) and lakes,wildlife,ect. Doseing turned this visit into surrealistic adventure and for the first time we brought our In-line skates. It started when all of us ate about three big caps and a few stems of some action packed shrooms. We started skateing around not feeling the dose yet just the heat of the day. But then, just when we started to forget about eating those happy little guys they slapped us in the face. We were triping balls. Suddenly we were not just skateing we were flying, it felt like we were weightless. The shadded, smooth trails curved left,right ,up and down with smooth Japaness like wooden bridges and all the turns seamed to bank. The faster you went the more the overhanging and canopy like trees above our heads blured until it looked like everyting around us smeared into muti-colored oil pastels. Our energy levels were so high it felt like warm, static electricity all over our skin, every breath was so deep and refreshing and the hills, we dont even remember any. All the nature around us seemed to have a deep, saturated color and an awarness of its self and us aswell. At one time we stoped at a small pond off the trail and watched, what seamed to be at least fifty Turtles swim to the bank to say hello. Everything down to the smallest detail was working for/with us. In my past Mushroom doses at always worked that way as well. But by far the best part of the trip was the Butterfly Attreum. Its a huge greenhouse with its own tropical jungle and thousands of butterflys all around as and landing on us. Many differant kinds with all so much color. It wass one of my best trips. One of the most positive as well. If your close to the gardens I recomend that you take a trip there. bring skates if you have them. I only wish that I could explain the amazing time we had. but, like many others sending there trip stories say, you have to experance it yourself. keep evolving,Versailles.

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