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This trip took place in northern Wisconsin in the infamous blue hills, a really picturesque and secluded area. A couple of close friends and me found a waterfall in the hills a few years ago and we've make a yearly pilgramidge there since then. We ate the boomers after we had camp set up and were begining to relax. We sat around the campfire sipping a few brews, bullshitted, smoke some nuggets and then 3 from our crew decided to hike back to the car to get the bottles of beer we had forgotten. Once they left, I started to feel a little queasy and my other friend who had purchased the boomers said that I would feel a little shitty at first, but to just go with it. After he said that, I started feeling better and I started to notice some visuals. Some more time passed and I started to settle into my trip. Meanwhile, my 3 friends that left actually were strategically placing themselves in the woods waiting to strike with their bricks of bottle rockets. Little did they know that my friend and me that stayed behind were on to their silly little antics and we had an arsenal of roman candles waiting in the wings. We knew it was only a matter of time before the assault would come, but we wanted to let them fire the first shots so we could have a good idea where they were.
Then it happened...
A bottle rocket came streaming out the darkness and detonated about three feet from us followed by diabolical laughter and then another bottle rocket, and another. We let them get a few good shots at us before we returned with demon-like vengence. We lit the first round roman candles and they had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. It was all out chaos. The normally peaceful and serene blue hills night erupted into a a fury a sparks and explosions.
When the smoke cleared, me and my compadre were rolling around the ground laughing hysterically. Our 3 counterparts stumbled out the the darkness dumbfounded. They were like "Where in the fuck did you guys get those?!?!?" We told them never go into a gunfight with a knife. Soon after peace was made and we all laughed in delightful wonder. One of my friends said that their hike was like the Hoe-chee-man trail in reference to Vietnam were the Americans tryed to bum rush the Viet-congs and just got slaughtered. The rest of the night, anytime anyone got confused or if someone else played a trick on them, we would call it a Hoe-chee-man trick. It was a great scapegoat to stay on a good trip. It would set everybodies mind at ease if they got off into their own trip and thought everybody else was plotting against them. Somebody would say "Hoe-chee-man Trick" and everybody would laugh.
We also had flashlight voyages through the wilderness. Two or three of us at a time would take a flashlight and go exploring the woods while the remaining comrades stayed at camp to make sure the fire stayed bright and well. We would have little mini-missions on our voyages like trying to find the most amazing spider web or the craziest rock formation.
By sunrise, only me and my best friend were left awake and we decided to go splashing around in the pools above and below the waterfall.
It was a phenomenally spiritual experince frolicing in the mother natures finest waters at sunrise in the middle of nowhere coming down off of a great mushroom trip. I would recommend it to anyone with a soul. We are all closer than we were before the experience.

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