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rollercoster of love

When I first saw the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I was stoned, and thought it was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, but I wanted to see it while shrooming.

When I first saw the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I was stoned, and thought it was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, but I wanted to see it while shrooming. I finally had that chance when me and my girlfriend went to my house to fry. We split an eighth, and put in the movie. At first it was funny, but after about a half an hour my girlfriend started shaking and started getting really scared. I was very worried, because I didn't feel anything yet. She kept repeating over and over that she wasn't having a good time and she went to the bathroom to go throw up. She stayed in the bathroom for about 20 minutes, but I still continued to watch the movie. About halfway through the movie (about an hour after I first digested the shrooms) the shrooms finally started to kick in. When Johnny Depp was walking into the Debbie Reynolds concert, the steps he was walking on started to stretch, and I was having a very hard time concentrating on the movie. I've seen the movie many times before, so I know that what I was seeing was part of my brain, not special effects from the movie. My girlfriend finally walked out of the bathroom and took a blanket, layed on the couch, and covered her eyes. She was shaking a lot, and telling things to "go away, please!" I was getting worried, but I knew that she was just tripping, so I tried to have a good trip. After a while I turned off the movie, and walked around the room in circles having a great time thinking in circles. An hour passed and my girlfriend slowly walked into the bedroom across the way, and I continued staring at things. The fireplace was melting, and the pokers were looking like snakes. Finally when I peaked, I picked up a broom that was laying on the ground and started twirling it around like I was some sort of ninja. I felt my self jumping ten feet into the sky, and jumping down to cause a tremendous earthquake. Everything was amazing! The floor felt like wet mud, and I suddenly felt like a sniper looking for its prey. I pushed furniture around, thinking it was trees or bushes. Then I heard my mom upstairs. I suddenly came back to reality, and sat on the couch so my mom wouldn't suspect anything. She came down and asked me where my girlfriend was. I told her she was in the bedroom asleep, and that she didn't want to be bothered. I even tried to clean up the place to show a good impression. My mom asked me if I was okay, and I said "yes, no problem, mom". She looked at me, smiled and said "you know, you shouldn't smoke too much, you're acting kind of weird." I couldn't beleive it, she actually thought that I was stoned. Besides my mom doesn't care if I smoke weed anyway, just I have to be careful about it. But the amazing thing is, is that she just walked away without even having the smallest idea of me on anything else. When she was gone, I went into the bedroom to tell my girlfriend what happened, and she just laughed. Finally she was doing better. She told me that she saw spiders everywhere, and she got very scared, but she said that she forgot about it and that she was staring at cool looking things. I looked down in my hands and still, and I realized that I still had the broom in my hand. We both laughed for a long time. The whole room looked like a big cartoon, and so did my girlfriend, but for some reason, my mind wouldn't let me sit down. She told me too, but I couldn't do it. So she just pulled me down. It felt like I fell 2000 feet, but it was a great feeling. Then I just layed there and stared into my girfriends eyes and her face turned into an old woman. My eyes started to tear up, and was bawling my eyes out. I kept telling her how much I love her, and we had a long talk about how life was totally screwed up, and that I always thought that our life was scripted. Shrooms definetely make you think about life. I also kept telling her that she looked like an old woman, and that someday I will see her as an old woman. That made me cry more. I couldn't believe I was doing this, because I've never cried over a girl. I felt so dumb, but she told me to go ahead and cry. Everytime I looked at her, her face was glowing, and looked like we were back in the sixties. after about 4 hours (approximately 3:00 a.m.) I went upstairs to find my mom eating cereal. I cried to her and told her how much I loved my girlfriend, and we had a long talk. Then later my girlfriend came up and us three talked about everything. Then me and my girlfriend went downstairs, and went back in the room. I figured that my trip was finally coming to an end, but when I looked at the ceiling I knew it wasn't. The ceiling looked like it had flowing rivers going in it, and the light was stretching. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, and saw a goofy looking devil staring back at me. I laughed it off and saw a goofy looking clown. I looked back at my girlfriend and went in the bed, and closed my eyes. I saw various colorful shapes, including patterns of cats, spikey colors leading off into nowhere, and even a pair of hands on a steering wheel driving off into a land of beautiful colors and patterns. When I finally woke up it was about 7:00 in the morning, and I knew that my trip was finally over with, but this trip was not only my best trip ever, but also I came to beleive that mushrooms gave me a new philosophy on life and how messed up this world can be. Then I heard a voice out in the other room. It was my dad saying "Hey, why is this broom down here?"

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