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Roller-coaster at the beach

It has actually been some time after my last trip, some of which turned out to be a bad a bad experience.

It has actually been some time after my last trip, some of which turned out to be a bad a bad experience. I'm not really sure what to think about the magical mushroom now, but I have a much greater respect for its power. You can take this report as a good sign or bad (there were definitely both), so interpret it as you will.

It was my second time doing shrooms, and it had been about a month after my first trip. Although unlike my first trip, this experience would be shared. I had told a friend of mine about my first trip, and he was willing to accompany me on another. He had never done mushrooms before, so I decided that an ideal setting for a first trip would be the beach. We also brought two of our other friends to act as sitters in case things went awry. I live in Orange County, so a variety of prime beaches were at our disposal. We finally choose Huntington as the best bet for room and beauty.

Shortly after arriving, we ate our batches. I had about 2.3 grams of the same mushrooms that I had on my first trip, and my friend had 2 grams of a significantly stronger variety. We didn't know how much stronger until later. We set up some umbrellas and the two sitters went for a swim as the shrooms kicked in. And kick in they did. the first thing I noticed was a seeming separation of color. My friends came back and I noticed how amazingly spherical all of the little water droplets were on their bodies. I then noticed sound beginning to flange and warp. This was probably about 45 minuets after eating the shrooms. My friend was also noticing the strangest things. The smallest details began to become the for-front of our mental focus. This always seems to happen and I'm not sure why.

After about an hour and a half , things get decidedly more intense. Very bold patterns were crawling and creeping over everything, and it felt like I could control them with my mind. We brought a boom-box, and the music was unbelievable. It sounded like it was coming from speakers whizzing around my head with various effects being done to warp and change the music. My friend was having an intensely euphoric experience. This is where things started to go wrong.

In about a two minute time period, my friend began to become very anxious. I was coming down at the time, as it was about five hours after the beginning of the trip, and this always seems to make me somewhat paranoid. I noticed that the fact that people were leaving and the sun was setting made my friend paranoid. He was trying to force himself to come down, but this wan't working at all. His shrooms were either much stronger, or he was very susceptible to them. He began to loose touch with reality completely and within about a half an hour became almost completely unresponsive to our talking to him. He was mumbling very profound and looped remarks and interacting with things that didn't exist in the slightest. He also began to get somewhat aggressive and intimidating. We tryed to take him back to the car, but he wouldn't cooperate. It was getting dark and something had to be done.

We decided to get the beach pratrol and play like we didn't know what was wrong. This wasn't necessarily the best idea, but it was basically our only choice. without help we were unable to control his state of mind or actions in any way. The first cop we talked to recognized that he was either on shrooms or LSD almost instantly. The cop actually said that he didn't want to bust us, and that we should just get him out of there ASAP. This attempt failed miserably. He ended up going to the hospital where it took him until about 2 a.m. to come down fully. He ate the shrooms at 3 p.m. This was an amazingly long ordeal. He was okay in the end, without any legal reprocussions at all, but this experience shook me up greatly. I think if I had known the outcome, I would have just let him come down somewhere safe and private, but I was unable to do anything at the time.

This experience has disallusioned me somewhat, but my friend definitly won't be shrooming again. I see them somewhere in my future, but not for some time. Remember that shrooms are nothing to trifle with and to trip safely. Have some fun though.

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