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Riden' The Yellow Lines On New Years 2002!

On New Year's Eve ('01-'02), there was a huge party at a friends house.

On New Year's Eve ('01-'02), there was a huge party at a friends house. I had gotten and 1/8th and so had my friend. I had both of our's with me. My friend left without me to go drink which i wanted to do and she knew that so I got a little pissed. So I ate her 1/8th and mine. I don't exactly have a big tolerance, I am not very big...so that was quite a bit for me. I was seeing the coolest shit. I was sitting on the sofa and there was this santa figure sitting on the coffe table. I kept starring at it and all of a sudden it winked at me! I was like "holy shit"! Then it got up and started walking towards me and then just sat at the end of the coffee table and just laughed at me. I picked it up and through it at the wall, that got the lil fucker to stop, haha! I was wandering around the house looking at everything and I went up into my friends bedroom and started looking at all her posters. There was a poster of staind on the wall and all their eyebrows kept going up and down. Then i got up and wandered into her parents bedroom. The walls were painted cool in the first place, and boomn' just made them 10 times cooler, it looked like the wals were smoke! I swear I sat in their for what seemed like an hour just starring at the walls. After that I got up and walked to her backyard. The trees turned purple and were dancing. I was up the hill and then it started caving in, i started falling, and what seemed like i was rolling into this cave I was really just rolling down the hill (no one has let that go, till this day they still bring that one up). Finally I made my way to the top of the hill. There is a road with the yellow stripes. I sat on one of them (i was in the middle of the road) and thought i was going down the rapids on a log. That was probably the best time I've ever had! Then things started calming down and I went inside and chilled watching the christmas tree, it looked like it was breathing! I was the only girl trippn' on mushrooms that night, there were like 3 other guys and we had the time of our lives!!!!!!!

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