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Reversed Reality

Level 3 reversed reality ok.

Level 3

reversed reality

ok.. some of you would never eat the amount of mushrooms i ate and trip this hard..
but its not the amount, more of the tolerance you have for mushrooms.

Trip Report by: Spydar (Male ; 17 years old ; 125 pounds)
Amount: 3 grams Dried psilocybin cubensis

I got a ride to my friends house,about a town away. he lived in an apartment building on the 3rd floor.
I consumed 3 grams (without the bag) of dried psilocybin cubensis mushrooms in about 20 minutes, which was the most i had ever eaten by about a half a gram. Right away i started feeling the effects, Slight traces on moving objects like my hand or someone walking by me, lights were bright and magical looking, with halos around them etc. It was just me and my 2 friends, that wernt taking any that night, they wanted to take the car and go get some marijuana. They deicided not to bring me along seeing how i was already starting to trip, and the driver didnt have a license, and if a cop was to pull us over we'd be doomed.

So they left and told me to make myself at home, the whole place was pretty trippy they had a srobe black-light going, one of those new fiber optic christmas trees that faded colors all over it, and a computer that was playing music with visualaztion studios running with trippy designs to go with the music. I got on the computer and started looking at all the differant visualazation settings.. and found a few that looked like water that was just amazing. It started to get out of hand so i closed the studio and went to the desktop where it was a picture of clouds and a big plain of grass.. looking into the clouds, they started to drift by as if it was a real place. It tripped me out so bad i had to bust out laughing, then when i looked at the plains of grass it was drifting too which i thought was ridiculous.

To overwhelmed by everything i went and sat on the couch where the christmas tree was close by, that definatly was one of the most amazing sights of the night, Filled with bright colors and hundreds of lights fading into other colors, staring at it i started making out words in the lights on the tree.. first i made out the word "SEX" multiple times, then found a word beneath it that looked like "WOLVES" then realized it actually said "GLOVES". Sitting there in confusion trying to realize what "sex gloves" means i had to go to the bathroom, quite frequantly actually, probably because i drank so much soda while consuming the mushrooms to avoid the taste, well i went to the bathroom and the purple rugs on the floor and toilet seat were just crazy. The tub looked very smooth and had all kinds of different shades of tan, it seemed very blurry.

I left the bathroom and sat back on the couch, and started to play my handheld gaming system/phone.. it has PS1 graphics, so i started to play Tony Hawks Pro Skater and it was way too intense, it looked as if all the walls were waving as if they were made of water. I stopped playing that and just started thinking i thought about other times i have tripped and trippy visuals i made myself see.. i remembered a trick that my hands look pretty funny, i took a look and i could see my veins through my hands, it seemed like my hands were some what inside out, i could see every indent and every wrinkle. I found a neat trick with my hand that was probably one of the most incredible visuals i got, i would stand it up straight and slowly let it fold back in, as soon as it starting folding.. it looked like the wrinkles got deeper and my hand grew older as if seconds were years.. and it got older and cracked and got wrinkly as if 100 years went by.

Then my friends arrived back, and i started rambling on and on about how fucked up his house is acting, they laughed and sat down to break up some marijuana they picked up. At this time i was sure that i had hit my peak and had no idea it was still yet to come. We went outside and Smoked a joint, and the views off the 3rd story porch was amazing, you could see some sort of river in the distance which looked very foggy.. The ciggerette after, i was tripping out of control, and it was pretty hard to just stand up. i headed inside after my ciggerette, and got really hot I went straight to the bathroom and started splashing some water on my face, and i sat down on the floor. It occurd to me to take my shirt off so i could get cooler, it helped alot.

I went out to the living room and sat on the couch. They had put in the movie Matrix Reloaded so i took a look at keannu reeves standing with some old guy talking, theyre faces were all distorted beyond recognition. Their eyebrows, lips, eyes, nose, forehead, and pretty much the shape of their face was melting in differant areas and and they looked like aliens.. or circus freaks. The fighting scenes were intense.. it seemed as if i could realize everything that was going on like i understood it in a 3D reversed reality that defied gravity.

I was pretty out of it by this point so i called a taxi cab to my house.It took forever too show up, but when it did, i got down all flights of porch stair and started walking towards the cab.. It was parked like right in a little spotlight it seemed like around the car, and it looked as if it was a very sleak mobsters car or something. It looked as if it was a scene straight out of a old 1950's movie. When i stepped into the cab, that was a different story. Im suprised i rememberd to say where i was going right when i got in but i did, then i took a look at the driver he was very old and skinny.. and old people look the wierdest while your tripping because they have alot of wrinkles and when you trip and you look at something it really intensifies and crisps up and you can see ever little wrinkle and indent..

The ride took off, it seemed as if it we were going 100 mph around some race track or something, it was crazy.. not to mention out of the corner of my eye the driver looked like an alien from outer space with big eyes and a big head.. with a skinny body. He stopped and picked up two more people in two seperate locations. They were both old too, this seemed very ockward at the time. When i arrived at my house i handed the dirver a ten.. it seemed to take forever for him to get my change, when he did he handed me abunch of ones.. i felt rich, i felt as if they were hundreds.. then i stepped out and walked into my house..

that was pretty much the end of all my intense visuals.. everything else for the rest of the night just seemed odd with slight visuals. It was definately the hardest trip i have ever experianced and would probably do it again anytime.

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