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My family and I decided to take a vacation back to my old home town in Idaho.

My family and I decided to take a vacation back to my old home town in Idaho. I hadn't seen any of these guys for about six years, so I would wonder if they had gotten into marijuana like I had over the years. We arrived at my friend N's house, and caught up on how we were doing in life. I slept in their basement over night, and awoke at about 10 the next morning. Our of nowhere my friend C, who I thought would never have done drugs, came down with two pounds of shrooms. It wasn't even his house. Anyways, we caught up as well, and he asked me if I wanted to trip with him for free for being a good pal. I had never done mushrooms before previously, so I figured hey it's natural, why not. My friend N came home from work, and he said we could do them at his cabin. We had a sitter come over too (who just passed out from drinking so much anyways) and we took 1/8 of the shrooms. The effects started to kick in (the wood of the cabin was all liquidy... hard to explain) and we decided to go outside. I ended up in a field by jumping over the deck and started running. I couldn't stop running for some reason I felt free. My friends caught up to me when I willed myself to stop, and the only language N could speak was one word at a time with en echo to each one. For example: Bat bat bat. We got back to the deck when an unexplainable feeling came over me, and I just kneeled in that place for a long time while my friends were dancing around or something. My arms and legs then started to go numb, and I walked around until I made it back to the deck. I then saw the moon and couldn't believe the site. It looked so close and warm that I held both of my arms up to grab it, when all of the sudden it was like all the information in the world slammed into my head. It was so much that I dropped backwards and just layed there. We then somehow put the movie Daredevil into the DVD player. I didn't think I wanted to watch the movie, so I laid down in a bed. From there, the arm I had acrossed my chest started to melt into it, and I started to float. I could have sworn that I was actually floating it felt so real. I just tripped out there for a while like that until I actually was able to go to sleep. Overall, I'm glad I had an awesome first trip, and I definently hope to do it again.

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