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Respect the Shrooms

Dosage: 2.

Dosage: 2.5 - 3g
Strain: Ecuadorian cubensis
Setting: Mi Casa
Time of Dosage: 9:00pm

So here I was, 9 on a Friday night with nothing to do and a bag o' shrooms. I had tripped about five times previously but this trip showed I had many things to learn. My initial mindset was "I've got four hours to kill, why don't I shroom?" This was not a good mindset.

Of my five previous trips I had only once pureed the shrooms into a smothee (with fruit of course), and then it was only 2 grams between two people. The trip had come on fast but I could handle it so I figured I'd be fine again with the increased dosage. Wrong again.

I ran downstairs to make sure my parents were into their movie then gathered the ingredients for my smothee. OJ - check, yogurt - check, banana - check, shrooms - CHECK! Into the blender they went and I hit "liquefy"...when the sludge settled I was left with a brownish blue drink that filled an 18 oz glass. Since I knew the trip would come on strong I paced myself to take gulps every five minutes.

After I finished one third of the glass, t+15 minutes, I knew the trip was coming on strong. I felt the body buzz and noticed a faint shimmering that I couldn't really focus on. I didn't want to go too overboard since my parents were in the house so I decided to chuck the rest of the drink when I got to the 1/3 left mark.

When I was done with 2/3 t+20 (I rushed a little) I dumped the rest and headed for the shower with my bowl n'bud. Until then all I had experienced was a body buzz and some shimmering. As I took my first puff the visuals hit like mac truck. The room seemed to pulsate/undulate, I was struck speechless. I quit smoking and jumped into the shower, the feeling of the water and soap was indescribable - give it a try next time you're shrooming. As I showered the waves washed over every surface, amazing...

I got out of the shower and the paranoia hit. Although I'm fairly experienced I had never seen so many visuals in the first half-hour. I freaked out and tried to calm down but it was no use.

The visuals intensified - everything in my peripheral vision was breathing, intensely, like puffing out then shrinking in. When I tried to focus on something anything linear about it would squirm and distort while the object flipped "dimensions".

And intensified - Now everything was flipping dimensions. The only way I can describe this is by explaining a little theory: Say there *is* and fourth dimension, but we haven't discovered it because humans don't have a natural faculty to perceive that dimension. Through binocular vision humans naturally perceive the third dimension so it's not that far a reach to imagine that a species could possess the faculty to naturally perceive the fourth dimension.

I felt as if I was seeing this dimension, as if things were turning inside out, and it was totally blowing my mind. Even thinking about this now, I'm not sure why I was so scared, for some reason I think I just wanted it to end, I just couldn't figure out how to enjoy it. Anyway! At the end of that hour I was curled in a fetal position on my bed, sinking, convinced I was going to hell...but kind of glad because there was some certainty in that.

My little (two years younger) brother walked in just as I was beginning my journey to the netherworld, and wasted as he was, he was able to jolt me back to earth. After talking to him for a few minutes I was grounded immensely. He fell asleep on my bed after telling me to wake him up at 11:30. This gave me some purpose and I was able to settle down. For the next hour and a half I was able to relax, smoke some grass, and enjoy the show.

This came to an abrupt stop when my dad ambushed me coming out of the bathroom. I had left my sunglasses in my room (stupid stupid boy), and tried to answers his questions about college shit as best I could. "Um, I kinda like Rochester, and um, Union and um, Johns Hopkins, like, would be, I kinda, um forget..." I actually said that. My dad knew something was up. I told him I had taken a percocet for my teeth as I had my wisdom teeth removed a few days before. He brightened up, I guess this was an acceptable explanation. He left saying I should get some sleep.

After that everything was OK.

After thoughts:

By pureeing the shrooms I probably cut the peaking time in half but increased the intensity of the ride up by two. I only really started to enjoy myself after the peak t+1.5, after my brother came in. The ride down was a fun filled adventure (except for my dad's interruption) of moving colors and funky beats.

The main lesson is this: Respect the shrooms. I was looking at this as a way to salvage a dead Friday night. I should have found a safe place, probably outside, where I could chill for a few hours free from unwanted interruptions. Next time I will do this and I will also make sure I'm not tripping alone. Peez.


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