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~The Mushroomz were kicking in, Good Mushroomz come on slow~ Setting and Situation: Yesterday afternoon after school I rushed to find my friend who had the previous day purchased 2 ounces of dried Psylocybin Mushrooms.

~The Mushroomz were kicking in, Good Mushroomz come on slow~

Setting and Situation:
Yesterday afternoon after school I rushed to find my friend who had the previous day purchased 2 ounces of dried Psylocybin Mushrooms. When I found him he was anxious to sell me what i needed, i purchased 2-3 grams with intent of consuming them later on that evening at a party.

At approximately 6:30-7 pm i gave one of my buddies a call to sleepover and invite him to share the shrooms with me and attend the party. Shortly after he arrived, unaware that we were dropping mush within the hour, he was a little weary about the idea for he had only done shrooms a few times before and in very minute quantities, therefore he had not ever really hallucinated.

We proceeded to my basement in which i presented to him my bag of mush. I had 2 pieces of leftover pizza and decided to put the shrooms on them. I started by putting a cap and about 4-5 stems on my piece, and my friend insisted on not having too much, he took a cap and 2 stems and ate them along with his slice. I decided i wanted to eat more and continued to munch down another cap and another big stem. After that we took a break and called one of my dealers who also happens to be a very good friend of mine, he was anxious about coming over and said he had a big bag of shrooms on him and a big hash joint to smoke later on. When he arrived approximately a 1/2 hr later we were starting to feel the buzz, he told me that he had just eaten about 2-3 grams of mushrooms and was willing to have more.

He called his friend and asked about the party, in which she replied was busted by the pigs before it even started. The party idea was no longer and option so back into my basement we went and the friend who had just arrived ate another 2 grams and offered some more to us i agreed to his proposition and also consumed more of my own. To make this story easier we will call the first friend who arrived N. and the second one G.. By the time we had finished eating the mush, i had finished about 3 caps and 8 stems, N. had about 2 caps and 6 stems and G. had about 7 very large stems and a few caps.

It was time to begin the trip... I had previously rented a video game and G. brought over Saving Private Ryan. These kept us occupied for only about 20 minutes, and then our thoughts drifted from it and we turned it off. My Visuals were becoming very vibrant and evident at the time, and i sat back to look at the designs on my carpet, walls, ceiling etc... Colours and pictures formed out of no where and i was very excited.

We began to talk about our trip so far, N. was amazed at first for like i previously mentioned he had not really tripped before. Minutes later G. started to complain of a bad trip and we ignored it at first, and continued to talk. Our conversation drifted from our trip to other topics, topics that we would not generally discuss. G. then proclaimed that he needed to get out of the house quickly and get some fresh air he was feeling claustrophobic and nauseated, i was very hesitant about the idea for my mother was on the third floor and i didn't want her to see us ripped. But i agreed because i didn't want my friend to get sick. I told my mom that N. is going for a cigarette and we were going with him, she agreed. When we went outside we began talking while tripping on our surroundings, 5 minutes later i was very cold because i did not brign a jacket and insisted we returned to my home. We argued this for a while then went back.

G. was angry that we did not smoke the hash joint and begged me to go out again later on, i refused at the time. We went back into my basement and talked, and talked, and talked. What we talked about was very deep at points and we did alot of reflecting on our lives, we came up with resolutions, and realizations that have never occured to me in reality. Our deepest thoughts about friends, drugs, violence, etc all were reveiled to each other. For 6 and a 1/2 hours we never stopped talking for one minute! although we were hallucinating harsh and feeling very euphoric.

Unfortunately me and G. felt a horrible body sensation in our stomachs and throats from the shrooms and complained about it several times. By 3 o clock AM we were feeling kinda tired and although G. kept asking and asking to go smoke the joint, when we attempted to the snow and ice outside my house made it impossible to sneak out and do so. We lived with that and were more gratified that we atleast tried.

By the time we returned N. was asleep and we were envious of that, for by that time we were very anxious to get the mush out of our system. G. and I were afraid of having a horrible burnout which we both experienced once before where we lied in bed, could not sleep, and the burnout drained EVERY ounce of energy out of our bodies.

Fortunately when we actually tried to sleep this time we succeeded. Our learning experience had ended and we felt gratified about it. And although i am not sure if i will drop mushrooms again i do not regret my experience last night. But i have come to the conclusion and although this may not account to everyone, getting high on shrooms during the early day is a nature trip, with brighter colours, and more gratifying but a night trip is much, much different.

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