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My favorite experience while high is listening to music.

My favorite experience while high is listening to music. This past summer, I went to the Area One festival. I ingested a few shrooms, and once I started coming on, I went to the ambient tent to see my favorite band, The Orb. Now I know their music pretty well, so many of you might dismiss me as being delusional, but while The Orb was playing (actually it was Dr. Alex Paterson spinning tunes) I was completley connected to the music. Most of the show was improvised, as Dr. Alex was responding to the audience, but in my mind I was in control. If I thought he should play Little Fluffy Clouds, he played it, if I wanted Toxygene, that came out. There were a couple of extended jams, all out of my mental creativity.
I became convinced that Dr. Alex was aware of my feat, my controlling the show, and that he wanted me up on stage to take a bow. I tried a couple of times, but the people in the front row weren't anxious for me to join them. One guy even was ready to fight me for his spot, I didn't want it, I just wanted to get on stage. Finally I found a peaceful couple who let me climb over the barricade. I got up up stage and danced for a few seconds. Nobody hassled me, but then again Dr. Alex didn'task me to join him backstage after his show either.
I then took my place back in the audience. I realized that I was extremely thirsty. I found a lady with a bottle of water and asked if I could have some. She gave me her water and before I knew it I drank the entire bottle. I was too spaced to realize what I did, or to offer to pay for the water. If that lady reads this, I apologize, I owe you three of four bucks. You can find me at the next Orb show. Dr. Alex Paterson will be performing at Slim's in SF on February 8th. At this point I don't have any shrooms, so I might be a little more coherent.

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