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Reaping My Rewards

After several months of planning and a month of actual growing, I had enough Ps.

After several months of planning and a month of actual growing, I had enough Ps. Cubensis for me and a couple friends to trip. The first thing we did was get a big jug of Sunny D and a bag of BBQ Potato chips to mask the taste. Me and one friend both ate 2g at 6:10pm. The other person never showed, so my friend ate her 2g as well, but he did that at about 8pm. He had eaten about 20min before we ingested the shrooms, I ate lunch at 2:00 and nothing else. The mushrooms really didn't taste bad at all, if anything they tasted like raw mushrooms from a grocery store. I should note that I'm a 19yr old Male, I weigh about 170lbs.
At 6:27, I felt the first effects of my trip, which I thought was really fast, since most people tell me it takes 30min-1hr. My friends' roommate was playing the new Morrowind game on the Xbox 360, and I was unable to concentrate on the TV, which was a good thing, b/c he was in a level closely resembling Hell. A red burning aura seemed to cover the walls, it was weird, but not yet frightening. I closed my eyes, and a light was zig-zagging around in my head, which was a sign to me that it was starting. I started feeling nauseous, so I got up to walk to the restroom. Walking felt a lot like in Max Payne when your character gets injected w/ that green drug. Half way down the hallway to the bathroom, the entire passage distorted, and the hall seemed to stretch on for a good 50 yards.
Normally, when I'm drunk at this apartment, I lean on this cabinet when I piss thats right above the toilet. I started to do so this time, but in the back of my head, I thought to myself, "I'd better not lean my head on it, I might break my horns." A second voice in my head asked "What?" I found this really funny. When I looked in the mirror while washing my hands, my mirror self started telling me things, that I'm a bad person and stuff. I thought to him that he was being a stupid hippie. I didn't believe that he was me, more like an echo of me possessed by something else.
I was looking at the ceiling fan in my friends room when I left the bathroom, and it looked like something out of an H.R. Geiger drawing. I shut my eyes, and saw some Voodoo guys in Skull masks by a fire. It took me off guard, but didn't really scare me. We went outside, and I felt very good. Some of the trees were glowing and pulsing green, and I looked at them differently, as though their branches were really fingers. Some bushes down stairs looked incredible, as if they were painted there. The sky was all distorted and extra colorful. The clouds took the form of a giant bird flying towards me.
Up to about this point, I thought everything was funny and cool, b/c I realized I was tripping. That came to an end soon. When we went back inside, everything was suddenly terrifying, except for this weird looking light on the ceiling. My roommates friend hid behind one of the hallway walls, and jumped out screaming at us, and I remember it scared the crap out of me. He continually tried scarring us the rest of the night, but he kinda sucked at it after that. We put in the movie The Doors, which I had never seen, but right from the start I had a bad feeling about it. The Indians at the begging were frightening, but the music was cool and relaxing. I maintained a paranoid fear for the rest of the movie and trip, which ended about he same time, but it didn't really bother me too much, b/c I enjoyed the crazy feelings and sights. Watching the movie, I forgot about everything else, even that I was tripping. It seemed like the movie was all there was. My friend said he started tripping during the movie, but it didn't seem like it did anything to him at all, which is weird b/c he ate 4g of the same ones off the same cake that I did. He suggested that we go to the hot tub, but I was mortified of it for some reason, even though I love going down there normally. I looked at my body during the movie once, and noticed smoke pouring off me. This didn't seem that unusual.
I realized I was coming down about 3hrs into the trip, and it made me mad, and confused. I was paralyzed for about 30min, but when I told my friend about it and started trying harder to move, I started coming out of it. When I stood up, it felt like someone slammed an axe through my forehead. I had a terrible headache the rest of the night. At 10pm, my trip was finished.
Despite the terror, paralysis, and paranoia, which were profound at the time, I have never had this much fun before. The feelings I can't explain were what made the trip worth the consequences, and I can't wait to do this again. Next time I think I'll shoot for Ego Death. I believe that everyone should trip at least once now, it was an experience I will never forget, and I hope to have more like it.

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