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Realtime Nightmare

Last Night 3/2/01, I went out with my girlfriend and about six other friends to a Coffe house, for a little music, and just to hang out.

Last Night 3/2/01, I went out with my girlfriend and about six other friends to a Coffe house, for a little music, and just to hang out. I had about a 1/2 eighth of Mushrooms in my pocket, that were left over from a previous trip. We hung out for about an hour, and I decided that I was going to have a few caps/stems/crumbs to spice up my night. I bought a big blueberry muffin, and set back on a couch, and ate about half of what I had left. These Mushrooms were really potent, and worked really fast. I was sitting on the couch with my girl friend laughing and haveing a good time, when I noticed that my pants had all kinds of interesting embroidery on them. And my girlfriends hands looked like midgets hands. All of this was great, and we were all having a grand old time, with crayons, board games, and just watching people. I took my shrooms around 9:00 pm, and had to be back at my house around 12:30. Around twelve o'clock, we got into the car, and they drove me home. I got to my house around 12:20, and was still tripping pretty hard. My senses were dulled to the point where I would touch some thing, and feel it about 5 seconds later. As I was walking everything in seemed to be slanted way left, and was really difficult to keep my balance. I got back to my room, and got ready for bed. One of the greatest things on earth is when you brush your teeth, and you are shrooming, if you havent done it before, you have to try it. Now I was alone, in my room, and that's when things got bad. I was laying in bed, and everything got extreamly cold, and then it would get extreamly hot. I would close my eyes, and try to sleep, but thats when things got really bad. I was thinking about how I was alone, and that no one was with me, and this Idea evolved into I would always be alone, that My girl freind didn't love me any more, all of the people who were at the coffe house were going to kill me, and my friends hated me. After what seemed like hours of sitting in my bed, and living in agony, I got up, and looked at the clock and it was only 12:27. I tried to calm down, and I layed back down and closed my eyes, as soon as this happend, it seemed like I fell into my self, and I was lost in my mind, after wandering around in my mind, and seeing images of what looked like my girl friend sitting in front of me and growing fangs, that bagan to peirce through her lips and head, which caused her to slowly bleed to death. This went on for what seemed like all night, and when I jerked up out of this daze I got up and looked at the clock, and it still read 12:27. I then layed in bed for about an hour just crying, and wondering why no one loved me, and why my girlfriend had to die. After sobing for quite some time I got up and looked at the clock again, and saw that time was finnally passing, and now it was going fast. It was now 1:16, and I was happy that I might acctually wake up from this. I then bagan to touch my face. It felt so smooth, and soft, and it made me feel like I was with my girlfriend. I then accidentally touched my eye ball, and thats when things got scary again. As soon as my finger hit the wet surface, I thought that I had popped it. I thought that I had just popped my eye, and now I was going to have to go to the hospital. At this point I wanted to go into my parents room, and tell them what I had done, and that I needed help, but i decided against it, and thats when everything blacked out, and I woke up this morning. As soon as I woke up I called my girlfriend to make sure everything was alright with us, and thats when I started to feel good again. MY ADVICE TO YOU IS TO NEVER PUT YOUR SELF IN A SITUATION WHERE YOU DO SHROOMS, AND ARE BY YOUR SELF, IT IS THE WORST EXPERIANCE YOU WILL EVER HAVE.


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