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I have been trying to get my best friend and roomate to shroom with me for quite some time now.

I have been trying to get my best friend and roomate to shroom with me for quite some time now. I recently took a trip home to northern cali and picked up 2 1/8ths of some fatty cubensies, as we like to call them. These caps were huge. Much larger than the usual dried cubes I was use to getting. They looked so lucious. Beautifully bruised blue at the bases, thick stems, nice tan and rounded caps, with what we call the forskin :P still attached. There was this one cap in the bag that was a potatoe chip. I mean this thing was huge. Some serious trippin potential in this guy alone. Needless to say I was very anxious to try my goods as soon as I got the chance. College was winding down for the year, and late one night, me and my roomie were bored, couldn't sleep, were looking for something to do, and I merely suggested....
"Wanna Shroom?" Wow did I not have a clue as to what was about to lay before us. Something so simple as a suggestion turned into yet another life changing trip. Now my roomie had never tripped before. And he has always been kind of skeptical about the whole thing. But for some reason on this night, he was in the mood and said what the heck. I told him shrooming is not just something to do for fun, that he has to take it serious, and that his current state of mind could make it either a good trip or a bad trip...so I asked if he was dealing with any personal issues, and he said he was very much happy with life at the moment. So I pulled em out. We hopped up onto his top bunk, and took about 2 stems and 2 caps apiece, with some water. Lots...of water. After we'd dosed, we just kinda sat, discussing what the usual effects are and such, and for him to just lie back, relax, and let these little magic fellers do their work. We killed the lights and turned on the black lights and lava lamps. I am a huge lover of trance music, especially the dreamy celestial sounding stuff, and I had just recently bought 2 double disc cd sets (X-trance, and Time Motion Trance...check em out) and I threw those into the disc changer and hit repeat...Then cruised back up onto the bed. My roomie decided he better get down before he seriously started trippin, in case he got stuck up there if everything turned into being way far away.
So he slid down onto my bed, and I stayed up on his. Within only about 20 min, we were feeling alittle anxious. That anxietious, nerverous feeling you get when you feel something start to happen. Me, I started my usual little shroom yawns. Always the first sign that I'm falling into a state of psycadelia. Uncontrollable yawns for the 1st hour or so...I'm curious if anyone else out there gets these pre-yawns. I flipped over and looked at a poster I made of the mattahorn with black light sensitive chalk. Sure enough, already, it was starting to take life. The clouds began to wave and whisp around the peak, the colors on the trees came to brilliant life, the water began to ripple. It was amazing. I flipped over an checked out the stucko ceiling, and sure enough it was taking on that familiar 3-dimensional motion, and faces and shapes began to appear in it. Just then my roomie said
"ass, i'm lonely, come down here with me" Him and I are pretty tight, not gay, but close and comfortable with each other, so I slid off the bunk and joined him on my bed, as we lay on our backs side by side stairing upwards. He kept saying, wow, this is soooo amazing...I feel so alive, and so exubrently happy. He doens't usually use big words so I knew something was happening for him. I told him this was definately going to be an awesome trip, and we both closed our eyes and fell into the music. This music was just amazing, it so took us to different places in this universe.
With our eyes closed we could the most beautiful fractalizing rainbows and patterns within our eyelids. We felt as if we were out of our bodies, just floating effortlessly and peacefully in this psycadelic universe. Every song brought with it its own trip in itself, with a different theme and different emotion. Then jamie said something deep, I said wow I wonder who I am, and he said ya, who are those bunghole's
J & E? And it just hit me, I was all, wow dude, thats deep, I mean think about it, its like everything we tried to be to everyone else, we felt was unecessary. We both felt that we were never ourselves, and that no one really knew us. Lesson #1, be yourself and you only, and people will like you for that. We kept on with the music, and this one song came on, that sounded really mysterious, and mischevious. J and I put our hands together simultaneously, not even meaning to, and rumpled up our shoulders, got these crazy mischevious grins on our faces and started darting around the room like criminals, trying to hide behind the most obvious things. Then this guy started laughing all funny evil like in the song, kinda like darted evil in Austin Powers, and we just died. We hit the floor in laughter, I can't remember if I've ever laughed that hard. J said this is the most fun I've ever had. Of course I said see, you should have shroomed all along, and then busted out with this quasi-japanese accent saying "I am the masta, you... are the apprentice!" And we died of laughter again. This continued being repeated throughout the night. Another song came on and I heard something that sounded like a cat, so on every other set of beats I started meowing like a kitten, and it sounded really real to us. It was again worth laughing over, and I proceeded through the song, to change it up and meow at different parts, while J continued to roll around from laughter. After we calmed down a bit, we stood up and I told him about the energy ball we did alot at raves, and suggested he try it.
So I grabbed some hand lotion poured a good amount into my hands, grabbed his and started just letting them slide through and pass through each other in a ball between us. It was incredible. Joined like that I felt I could read his mind and guess his every single next movement. we just closed our eyes, and tranced to the music, letting our energies feed off each other, moving in perfect motion and ryhtem, it was quite incredible. I then proceeded to was my hands and passed a full body mirror. I saw some other person in our room and stopped and came back to him, meeting him face to face, I looked at him strangely, sorta familiar like sorta not, and then realized it was me, only not, my reflection was not keeping up with my movements. It was crazy, I called J over, and we both became quite enraptured with the reflections in the mirror. It was like seeing a whole nother room connected to ours. Then the thought occured to me. Maybe the whole alice in wonderland thing might work at this point. I totally convinced myself I could pass through the mirror. I asked J if he thought I should do it, and he was all psyched about it to. He was all ya ya, go for it, I'm right behind you. So I turned and boldly walked into the mirror. Well my face met with the glass and I was stopped abrubtly and bounced back. I stared at the mirror as it rippled and fluxuated before me from my impact. I hung my head, and just said ..."shit"
It was very funny. We had no clue of what time it was, it felt like we'd been there for several months, and we couldn't distinguish any object really. Everything was so unreal. Then I had the urge to take a look outside, and I have to say this was the best thing I could of done the whole trip. I threw back the curtain, and my eyes were met by light. It was getting daylight outside, only, it was much different from your typical morning. My eyes slowly adjusted and as they did, I could see dawn, in the process of birthing, as in paused incraments it slowly and steadly got brighter slightly, to the beat of the music. I glanced up at the sky, and the clouds were amazing, they were coming up over the tall pine trees, with amazing colors. Rainbows in everything, they would swirl and dance and fractilize off into infinity.
The trees themselves were singing to me, dancing and swaying in the morning. They were so happy it was a new day. I just sat, and opened up the window. The fresh air came in and rushed through my being, invorgerating me to my every cell. Life felt so anew. I stared at the tree's, admiring their complexity, I could actually start with a leaf and follow it down its twig to its branch to its limp to the trunk and back to a whole new leaf. It was incredible. I'd never been able to admire nature to much. Day was just screaming out with happiness. Then it came on, a song on one of my cd's,
By DJ Dado, called Solar Wind. It became the song of the trip. It was much different from the rest of the pulsing trance we'd been hearing. Instead it was mello, beautiful and flowing, and then, in the middle a synthesized voice rang out your reality will never be the same. I just stopped and stared at J, to see if this was he was hearing as well. He agree'd he was hearing the same thing. It encircled my whole aura, I felt so alive and exhilerated, and I stared crying.
I set the cd player on repeat, so that one song would play over. I then was hit with the wave of thoughts you get as you're coming down. Where your mind gets all analytical and starts trying to make sense of all that has happened, searching for some meaning and some knowledge from everything. J had plenty to say, about how so many things were so insignificant now, and that he was going to be a much happier person, and enjoy life to the fullest. Especially nature. We thought about people we don't thank or appreciate as much as we should, like some of our friends, and made the decision to be much more outgoing and open, and not so recluse all the time. I was hit with the overwhelming urge to talk to my girlfriend and tell her about my experience so I called her, and her voice just made me cry, I was filled with such love for her, and I missed her so bad. I just went off, and for the first time she really couldn't follow what I was saying as much as she would have liked. We then had to go to class, and as we stepped out of our dorm, day was just incredible, we felt more alive than we'd ever felt in our lives. And every we passed and met seemed so happy. Everyone had smiles and everyone seemed like they were having a good day. People that had never said a word to us before were coming up to us and saying hey. Of course classes were a laugh, we couldn't contemplate anything it seemed. Nothing made sense, we just sat back and chuckeled to ourselves. No one had a clue of the experience we'd just been through. Our realities and perceptions of life were definately never going to be the same. J agree'd that we needed to shroom more often, and that we should try it during the day. Of course there is a lot more indepth detail to what went on , moreso than I have time to write, as if this isn't long enough, but you know how it is if you've shroomed. There are some things that happen and that you see during an incredible trip that you just could never fully explain like you'd want to.
Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, May all your trips be happy ones.
Shroom long and Prosper.

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