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Reality vs illusion?

This whole "episode" started with me and two of my friends (and one girl-friend) decided to trip on shrooms.

This whole "episode" started with me and two of my friends (and one girl-friend) decided to trip on shrooms. Let's call them T,S and Julie. This would be my second time, T's 3rd, and S+Julie's first time.

We started drinking some vodka shots 'cause obviously we were a bit "nervous". So after getting just a little drunk (not much) we took the shrooms. I think that Julie took 0,7 gram, while the rest of us took about 1,5 or something like that. So we sat there and just waited. After about two hours we were a little pissed off 'cos the shrooms wasn't really working. So T and me decided to smoke some bud. And so we did. After smoking for a little while we got a bit stoned (as you'd expect). Only problem was the effect that just got stronger and stronger. At the beginning it was fun, but it got too overwhelming. We both kept forgetting all thoughts that came into our heads. As this effect got stronger I actually reached a point where anybody could have told me that i did'nt have any family and i'd believed them. I was in SERIOUS doubt whether reality as we know was an illusion or not. Very frightning. So i started to majorly bad trip. Shaking all over and such... One thought kept coming into my head: "What if this effect NEVER stops?!". This freaked me out bigtime. Eventually S took me on a walk 'round the block and just talked to me. I kept trying to take control over something which i could'nt. Anyway we went home again and started to watch a movie (The Long Kiss Goodnight), and i eventually started to come down, and then fell asleep. And guess what? I woke up being quite normal after all. Just a scary experience richer.

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