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Realisation that everythings shit

It started off as a normal pre planned trip.

It started off as a normal pre planned trip. We had the time, place and goods. I have tripped many times before and this wasn't my strongest trip, but the most enlightening. Me and two other friends met up at one of our houses. We brought instruments music videos with us to do some experimenting. We weighed the goods in at 60g halved it and split it between 3 of us, giving us a good 10g dose each. We waited for a while and then went for a walk to the local park where a water course runs to help us along, we then moved on and back to my friends house having nothing happened. We then decided to take the other 30g, this time the ammounts wern't even. I had the most at about 15g. I almost instantly felt the effects while talking to my friends cousin on the internet.(it gets better) We all decided it was a good plan to go back to my house where we waited for a while having a debate how the Gatsbuys slogan is shit. One of my friends had to go home at this point so we offered to walk with him.(he lives about 3 miles away from my house) Being on shrooms this took us about 4 hours. The quickest way there is accros my old school field. The visualisations kicked in on the running track where clumps of grass on the gravel track faded in as i got closer to them which was all good untill i got to the end of the running track and i didnt feel right with myself, I felt ill and out of place so i hung back while the other two talked about the descovery of acid. We got to a part of the road where a flood plane water storage tank had just been fitted underground and sat on it listening to water drip underneath us and talking about because the state of society when things are designed and built they have to compramise on everything according to the wealth of the company where as if it was a communist society we could build everything to its full potential (or something). Also a long drawn out talk about religion. At this poit (11pm) about five of my friends rode past on bikes along the main road. I shouted to one of them and they all came over and talked to us. They were in a rush but one of them offered to meet me later about 2 miles up the road for a spliff...So i agreed they left and we continued walking my friend home after which i phoned my friend and met up with him. We met up at yet another one of my friends house whos parents were out, subsequently a few ppl were there compleatly off there tits. We explained why we were at there house at 1am and they found it hightly amusing. The night then consisted of 3 joints and a load of strongbow. I was tripping untill 8am. The visuals were great. i was stearing at a pathing slab for about an hour watching the texture gently move like water. At one point i thought my hands were merging together whilst trying to play cards which wasnt very helpfull. At about 6am i realised that i had to be in college at 9, so i trecked back which took about an hour had a shower and a cup of tea and got on the bus to college. On the walk back i realise how systemised and mind numbingly shit everything is. Im sorry if this was a bit of a long going nowhere account full of typing errors but i feel i need to get it out of my system. Thank you for your time.

Enjoy life its only a ride

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