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Real? Or in my head?

This is a little long: I tried shrooms for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and I enjoyed it.

This is a little long:

I tried shrooms for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and I enjoyed it. I drank the "shroom juice" and after about 30 minutes and a blunt and a joint later, I was on my way. It started slowly, with a tickling sensation. After me and some friends were at an apartment, we decided to go out to the lake.
They were playing techno on the way there, so I just put my head down and closed my eyes. The techno started to form little lights in my mind. After a minute, the lights got bigger, and started to go into sequence, sort of like a Vegas light show. All of a sudden, I'm in a club with a room full of people (in my mind, we were still driving to the lake), and I was walking amongst them. It felt so real. Then, I look up, and there's ME dancing in the club. Apparently this is going on about 8 years from now (I was 18, now 19 so that would make me about 27). He (the future me will be referred to me as "he" to avoid confusing). Apparently he worked at the club as a dancer, and at the time he was dancing with a beautiful girl (sweet!). He tells me to hold on and the next thing I know were back at his loft like residence ( I guess I end up in New York) He tells me about all the girls I will eventually date, how I did in college, who he is with now, and what happens to all of my friends. Well, 2 of the things he told me has come true. One being that I should get all the pot I had in my room out of the house and to tell my other friends to do the same because we are being watched. This indeed turns out to be true. And when he told me what happened to my friends, he mentions one of them will be in jail for a long time. Well, a few nights ago, that very same person was arrested and locked up. Turns out he'd been running for 2 and a half years, and he has 7 warrants for his arrest in his home state.
So, with all that being said, do any of you really believe I had an OBE and that I was really talking to my future self? I want to know because I've been reading about Astral Projection for years now and have been trying to succesfully induce one. Any input is very much appreciated.

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