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Re: Spiritual Enlightenment

The trip I am writing about was only my second trip on psilocybe shrooms.

The trip I am writing about was only my second trip on psilocybe shrooms. Me and my mate got a shroom growing kit from Amsterdam. If anyone is planning on taking shrooms, these kits are a great way to start. The first trip was only a Level 1, but provided a few visual distortions and some pretty intense colours throughout the room. During the trip I felt immensely happy and sometimes a little crazy. I remember laughing so hard I thought I had gone insane. It was the best thing I had ever tried.
By comparison the second trip blew the first one away.
Myself and a friend who introduced me to shrooms spent the day preparing hours of music, about ten spliffs and his room for the trip. We had patterned sheets on the ceiling one which looked like colourful clouds with a circular pattern the other had a zodiac on it.
We took the shrooms, then came the most amazing experience. It started off slowly with the same effects as last time. Some nausea then a slightly stoned feeling and some simple visualisations when I closed my eyes. Then came the real hallucinations. The cloud pattern on the ceiling started to move the circle on that and the zodiac were rotating. Everything in the room started flowing, and I was overloaded with information. I felt as if I was travelling to a place not of this physical world and I started to talk about the information I was receiving. But the problem was that what I was experiencing went beyond any language. Simple words couldn't define it and I started to ramble and couldn't make sense of anything. My mate passed my a joint to take the edge off, but I just carried on talking. Finally he said one word - "concsiousness." That was it, like a river or ocean of consciousness and I was wrapped up in it.
I felt content and happy for the rest of the trip, wrapped up in a place that most people will never know in this lifetime.
Later on we philosophised about our experience. It dawned on us that we had seen a glimpse of what's to come after this life. We realised that dualism (that the mind/soul is separate from the body and physical brain) really exists. Before I had only hoped or believed in such things, but now I know that I, we all are part of something that is greater than this world, just as I know 1+1 is 2.
The trip left me feeling like I had achieved something and ever since I have been feeling so much better off for it. It enabled me to live life far happier than before and at the same time not to be afraid of death.
Before anyone writes me off as someone who was just messed up on chemicals and what I saw was not real, I'd like to remind you that everything you experience is a result of chemical reactions. I believe my experiences on shrooms are just as real as everyday life.
I'm looking forward to the next trip and hopefully to come back more enlightened than ever before. I also want to see how amazing things get at level 4 and 5.
If you are reading this wondering whether to take shrooms then I can honestly say that it is the best thing you will ever experience. You are going to learn so much, just trust that it's real.

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