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Cody calls me up in the afternoon and asks me, "Hey, you want to go up past the Lake and start a fire?

Cody calls me up in the afternoon and asks me, "Hey, you want to go up past the Lake and start a fire?" I was sort of surprised by such a request, but a few seconds later he said to me "Oh yeah, Brent has some shrooms. Get some money together and we'll go buy an eighth" so I replied, "Ok, I'm in. I'll get some firewood."

I hadn't touched psychadelics for a few months because I had a very intense trip and unknowingly walked into a friend's house and ran into his mom, and was so far away that I couldn't do anything but say "I don't know" or "what are you talking about?" to everything she asked me. What a great way to let a friend's mother know that you're frying hard.

Anyhow, Cody came and picked me up with his brother. I poured the wood and kindling into the car, and put on an old loggers jacket that I prefer in the outdoors. We drove to a friends house where Brent was, and gave him the money for the shrooms (he was originally holding them for someone who had a change of plans and couldn't use the shrooms). Cody and I split an eighth, as we agreed we wanted to have a light comeback after a few months. Brent ingested the full eighth mixed into a cup of Tab and almost threw up from drinking it, which we teased him for.

Soon after we took the shrooms we drove up past the lake, and parked the car. Only 30 minutes had passed since we ate the shrooms, and already the uplifting feeling was coming on. We packed up and walked up logging road until we came to a railroad track. We decided to walk down the tracks, as last time we came up this road we were on acid and there was a man standing at the top of the hill who told us to leave. That was one of the most awkward situations to be in during a trip.

Eventually after walking down the tracks for about 15 minutes, it was dark and three of the five of us who had eaten shrooms were starting to trip hard and got a bit tired of the walking. We stopped for a cigarette and cody and I had a conversation, at which time "the strangeness" set in and I noticed how strangely I was speaking to Cody. We picked up our things after that and eventually set down in the middle of the train tracks in a long stretch of track (this track was surrounded by trees, with a rock cliff on one side, a large valley on the other).

Cody, Brent, and I each had a stab at starting the fire. It was hilarious, as each of us kept moving the wood a different way saying "the fire will eat it faster if you present the wood in this way" and things like that. Finally, Brady took over the fire and had it burning within a few minutes or so.

We sat and watched the fire, with Cody playing tunes on the guitar and all of us singing or telling stories. Brent became increasingly quiet and agreed that he had taken a bit too much of the mushrooms, and he wasn't feeling too well. These were very strong cubensiis, as a half an eighth had Cody and I having about a level 3 trip.

At one point, I stood up, lit a cigarette, and ran down the tracks into the darkness. I layed down in the middle of the tracks and looked into the sky and saw one of the most beatiful things ever - the sky was a combination of sunset blue, milky white clouds, and some purple. The trees on both side of the tracks seemed to be losing sync of their color, and I could see the primary colors of every branch separating from the rest. there were red trees, blue trees, yellow trees, and even green trees. I puffed from the cigarette and watched the sky for quite some time until someone yelled "what the hell are you doing down there?" Then I got up and came back to the fire, for about 5 more minutes.

When I returned to the tracks, I decided to go into the woods instead. I climed down a couple of feet and watched the valley just in time to see the moon come up. It shined its white glow all across the valley beneath me, and it looked as if the world was void of color except for the sky. Dogs began to bark at something, and I cupped my hands and sent out a howl that echoed across the valley. Cody appeared behind me soon asking what I was doing, and I returned to the tracks and we had some great conversations about life and other things. It's amazing how you bond with your best friends on mushrooms.

When we finally decided to pack up and leave (Brent was very paranoid about oncoming trains, even though they came rarely and we would hear them at least 5 minutes away. Plus, one of the track peices caught on fire and was spitting rocks at us), the fire said goodbye to us in the most incredible way - at the end of the stretch of track, where the fire was about 150 feet away, you could see that the trees and the track were total parallel lines, and the vanishing point was the burning fire. If Pink Floyd made another album anytime soon, this would have to have been the cover to it.

We ended the night by stopping back off at our friends house, smoking a few bowls, and getting a bite to eat. By that time, Cody and I were nearly done tripping, despite Brent. Still, I know we all slept well that night.

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