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OK, here it goes.

OK, here it goes. First of all i was boen and raised in Washington DC so you know i have not been tripping long. i first heard of these fungi on a trip to san diego. upon returning i looked on this page and began to find out that growing these things cant be so hard. i mean after all the weed plant i had was much harder to grow. i passes the idea around to some of my friends and faimly including my unresponsive wife (we are only 22 we just married young). with no support i began to grow in my kitchen. months later when my first harvest was ready to be picked and dryed. i could not wait to get home and dry and try. but upon walking thru my door i was greeted by my cousin, wife and best friend eating blue applesauce. i said what the fuck are you guys doing naturally. and they explained that they wanted to try and could not wait for me but they just took them 5 minutes ago and did save me the 3 biggest shrooms. i figured i couldent be mad and i really wanted to trip with everyone so i took the shroom and went to take a shower. 15minutes into the shower i realized i was glad i dident eat before i triped i felt really sick. about 30 minutes later i was combing my hair in the mirror when i realized i did not want to see myself at this point i quickly turned my head to discover the water in the bath tub was shimmering with electricity but not harmful also i could see drops of water fallling from the faucet slowly as if they were suspended for a second. i then decided i had to know what my family was up to so i went into my livingroom to get bombarded with pillows and questons. they thought they had taken a bad mushroom or somthing (because of the nausia ) i explained it was normal and that the fact that they were fresh and that they ate them with apple sause could intensify the nausia. with this info they began to calm down and zone for a few minutes, as i am preparing entertainment (music movies games and weed) i hear my wife (who never met a substance she couldent handle) laughing uncontrollably. whe i asked whats funny? she pointed at a funny shadow play on the wall our ceiling fan gave. in an attemp to stay focused on my mission without these guys bothering me with the sudden philsophical debate that was suddenly developing in my house i gave them a ball to pass around from person to person. this suddenly looked really fun so i finished rolling blunts and got some snacks and put in a movie. as i sat down the game of pass the ball all of a sudden became hot potato, and all involved became very serious. when the first person dropped the ball(OK it was me)we had a good laugh and i turned on the tv. while i was fumbling with the buttons everyone became attracted to the color pattern on the screen and how it moved. After 15 minutes of that i figured out how to hit play. i kept the movie a secret and told everyone " the first person to guess to movie gets to light the blunt" my cousin guessed in about five minutes( i think he saw the box). we sat totally still for the next 2 hrs watching Carlitos Way (a classic in my opinion). afterwards to my suprise no one was asleep even though we did not talk during the movie. still wired they told me they wanted to see another movie. so i pulled out another secret this time it was a bootleg StarWars Phantom Menence i got last week that was very good qualty. When we finished watching that i felt i would be mean to kick my cousin and friend out because i wanted to expermerment to the effect of Schrooms on the Libido so i let them kick it for the night and went upstairs to conquer unknown ground with my wife. thats my trip we had several more most more exciting than this one but it was the first. i would like to know if there are any other newbiee black shroomers out there.

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