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purple vision

first off this trip was about three years ago, i was about 15/16.

first off this trip was about three years ago, i was about 15/16. The season was coming to a closs and i had made a bet with a friend that i would still be able to find more than 12.A few days later a felt it was time and climbed up a on my bike and went. The three mile journey was not long at all, i had been so excited, i raced there. i ended up finding 16 shrooms, and I could not stop singing and yelling im the mushroom king. My point is that for the entire trip there, during, and on the way back i was very HAPPY,EXCITED,AND TRILLED to have found the shrooms. They were each a little bit bigger than oreos, i ate 6 with some pink lemonade you bye in a bottle from the store. It was about 6/7 o clock at night when i had took them.I ate them at my house and about ten fifteen min later we left to another friends house on foot. As soon as i walked out my door the wind was blowing strong and a feeling came over me that said this is going to be a great trip. Once we got to my friends house we smoked a joint, and chilled for about ten min.
When we step out side it had really hit me, the wind was still blowing strong, and i remember i just kept repeating to my friend holy shit im tripping balls, ive never triped like this before.By then it was about an hour after i had taken them. i went home and my mom asked me if i could get her some pot i told her sure why not? I walked to a laides house that i had been selling weed for and chilled with her for a while and had smoked a couple joints. By then i was having trails like a mother fucker, i couldnt stay focused on anything, and to had to that she was a psychic woman, and she was telling me nuts ass stories that I wasnt even understanding. She had to explain to me that i came there to get weed for my mom and i was tripping on mushrooms.
I walked home,which was a rock throw away, gave my mom the weed and just kept walking around the house thinking holy shit this is the best trip ever, its hard to expllain the way things looked it was like it was all right in my face and squared off. My thought pattern was like a rooler coster it never stayed the same.
Heres were it got real deep, I walked up to the door as my sisters boyfriend was opening it and his eyes got big and he said,Wow dude you fucken purple. I looked at my self and sure enough i was purple. I went in to the bathroom and was exzaming my arms and chest, and as i looked more, the more my body color was turning purple. The one thing i clearly remember was i started to clence my fist and it felt like someone had stuck a needle in me and started pumping fluids. For a breve moment I was scared cause i thought i was going to explode and die, but i didnt want to go in to a bad trip so i said its okay its all just a trip and will be over soon enough. I made it to the kitchen and holy hell every single thing that was in my sight was purple, and evrery thing all just started to melt and make weird noises, kinda like i was in a big thing of purple jello. im not quite sure how long that lasted considering i had no concept of time,but for that period of time I had felt like i had entered a new world and that every thing was at peace.
After the purple scene my trip lasted about two hours after with a normal light trip.Oh ya after i had gave my mom the weed she had left, and i was there by my self besides when my sisters boyfriend was there for a while, or maybe he wasnt there?
I forgot to say that all six shrooms were dried to the piont that they were brownish and really brown on the nipple part, and my weight was probaly 160.

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