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Pump It Up

It was last friday and i was sitting at a friends house with nothing planned at all.

It was last friday and i was sitting at a friends house with nothing planned at all. Then i heard the phone ring soon my friend's mom handed me the phone it was some buddies that wanted to do mushrooms out at my place(I live 10mins out of town in a small village of about 200) no cops no nothing it's almost deserted. They arrived at about 7:30 with the goods so we went up to my room with a kettle of water and four coffee cups, we dumped in our shrooms and added the water but that night we decided to try something new so we each added hot chocolate and man was it good(imagine hot chocolate with mushrooms floating in it) we then decided to go smoke our last bud outside in my playhouse(it's a small shack outside that's done up nice with a heater and carpet shit like that) So we lit up the tourch and started to heat up the knifes we did about 4 each and then we ran out of bud. Then bam bam bigaloo i looked around and noticed the walls slightly breathing and soon found out everyone could feel the effects of the mushrooms we all just started laughing and got off of our chairs for some reason and sat on the floor. After about 5 minutes of tripping out we all decided to go inside to play nintendo 64 so we did just that, we played a few games including mario kart 64 (holy shit i was having visuals like crazy with the fast moving backround) then i decided this wasn't fun anymore and i suggested a walk we all qiuckly got up and went outside. The first thing we all did was walk up to this tree, and we wanted to climb it but we were for some reason we thought the people that owned it would get mad but then i thought wait a minute it's just a fucking tree and we were just confused on the mushrooms. so we all climbed it and tripped out awhile then got down then for no reason we all ran as fast as we could to the playground but little did we know the playground was all icy so we all ran into each other at the bottom and took a fall. It was wicked none of us could stop laughing, we started playing with all the equipment and soon noticed the sky that was lit up by the city Edmonton (which is about a hour away) we all stared at the beauty of it and i was now seeing visuals of a ocean it was like the sky was the surface of the ocean. Then we looked behind us and seen a lady walking her dog so we felt like we had to get out of there so we started walking and she was right behind us and then for some reason me and one other just started to run from her (she was probably like what's going on why is there a gang of teenagers in our little peacfull village running around laughing there heads off) we all decided to go walk the trian tracks in the pitch black woods(at this point all i wanted to do is look at every possible thing) so we follwed the tracks until we got to the underpass of the highway and we climbed up the steep cement to the top and stuck our heads on the bottom of the bridge when a car drove over. After that i looked down and seen a trail going into the woods we all went down there and then came right back out to go look at the highway and holy shit i tripped out hardcore on the headlights of the car.After we walked along the highway back to the village and went to the town pump which was built in 1810 amd just stood there wondering what would be here so long ago and what the peolpe did back then and just tripped out we stood there for over a half hour then we went back to my place and waited for my buddies that were coming over after they got off work so we watched t.v until they came we all ran to the door and out to the playhouse Because they had a 8th to smoke and one of them just drank a batch of mushroom tea so long story shot after we toked we did the excat same walk over again to show them and we talked about the pump like it was a god to get them excited(they had no idea what it was going to be) when we got there we all stood around it and laughed and talked about the pump, after a good 20 mins or so of the pump we walked down the street and started talking about the pump some more and i remember we came up with "the pump stay's true to it's roots" and that was our motto we just couldn't get enough of that pump but anyway we seen some northern lights that night and it was the best N.L we had ever seen(not just because we were on mushrooms)it was different then any of us ever seen before. Then me and one of my buddies finshed off about a mickey of whiskey(Because i can never sleep when i do mushrooms) then we played hacky sack for a few minutes then they went home it was now 1:00 am 6 hours of being just fucked up.So i went inside and watched t.v till i passed out.
I got to say one thing i never wrote 15% of what happend(to fucking long) but everything is 100% true and that was one of the most fucked up mushrooms trips i ever had it was a thinking trip all of us just thought about the world and thought we knew everything, i only had about 5 visuals all night but it was one hell of a night(I did 3 gram's in tea just so you know)
This is for my doggs Matt,Brendan,Lowell,David and Marc(not there real names)
Just pump it up motherfucker just pump it up.

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