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This was my first time with shrooms, after my junior year in high school.

This was my first time with shrooms, after my junior year in high school. I scored the dose from a pothead-that-everyone-loves type at my school. I was getting pretty bored that night, and had heardsome interesting things about shrooms, so i went for it and ate an undetermined amount of them, i don't believe it was more than 2 grams dry though. I felt nothing after an hour, except for the "something is slightly different" feeling associated with mind-altering substances, so i chewed on a stem and cap for a while. At about an hour and a half it kicked in. I felt a wonderfully happy, mushy feeling. my vision was beginning to be affected, with more vibrant colors, and a "rounded" look to things, almost like they were plastic. I thought I should occupy myself and put on headphones while listening to music on Sonique on my computer, while watching the visuals. This blew me away. I felt as if every instrument, or every note, was changing my thought patterns in some way, and I felt I was percieving the music visualizations faster than the framerate they were being displayed at. After about an hour and a half of listening to Aphex Twin's "Girl / Boy Song" on repeat, I switched to the Cure's "Disintigration" album, and felt an incredible amount of joy. Not only could I percieve every nuance of the music, but I could feel every bit of it throughout myself. I was ecstatic. At that time I wrote very excited and stuttery emails to my friends describing it, since they wanted to know. I felt I should move on at this time, and stared at a wrinkle on my rug that seemed to turn into a flowing river of red fabric. My last idea was the infamous mirror experiment, looking into the mirror. I was surprised to find that, unlike LSD, shrooms did not scare me at all, I felt very physical, more like matter than a person. I took a small mirror into my room and proceeded to abolish any sense of depression that I had built up over the four previous years. i then fell asleep, when I woke up, I felt like I had accomplished something I never could without the help of shrooms, a truly enlightening feeling and zest for life. It may sound cheesy, but i've never been depressed since, except in a very unpleasant experiment with K, but that's another story.

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