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Birthday Shrooms

the first time i ever tripped was on my 18th birthday.

the first time i ever tripped was on my 18th birthday. me and my friends decided to go to this party, and i wanted to try something different. i had messed around with a lot of drugs but i had never tried shrooms, so i decided to give it a shot. a good friend of mine gave me 5g that day as a present and i ate them on a hamburger before going out.

i got in the car a few minutes later and didn't feel a thing. the whole way there i just sat there thinking how much this sucked. i guess it was going to be another night getting stoned, and boy was i disappointed. we got to the party and i left my friends and sat on the front porch alone while i tried to think of somethign exciting to do since the shrooms didn't seem to be helping.

i leaned back and closed my eyes and all of a sudden i saw quick flashes of lights. it all seemed to hit me at once. i started breathing heavy as colors and shapes danced acrossed my eyelids. soon i started to break into a sweat, and yet i had chill bumps all over my body. i was breathing heavier as time went by. and still the colors kept going. all of a sudden i felt that people were staring at me and i jumped up to see everyone around me so far away. i heard my friend talking to me but she seemed very distant. everything she said echoed.

my muscles began twitching randomly and my stomach swished and gurgled. i felt real dizzy and hot so i took of my shirt and threw it as i mumbled words, but they weren't really words. it was like my own language that only i could understand. my friend grabbed my arm and all of a sudden i felt bugs crawling all over my body. she tried to put my shirt back on for me but i started shaking and breathing even heavier. everyone was looking at me and i couldn't close my eyes. i tried to put them away but my eyes wouldn't close! i couldn't stop scratching my skin. the bugs seemed to be fading in and out like tremors.

i went inside and sat on the couch. years seemed to pass by before a guy put a blanket around me and tried to tell me to keep my clothes on, but his speech was strange. then the words were going together to form a new language again. the room was empty all of a sudden and saw an incredibly large black man standing behind the door. he was coming to get me, i knew it. i no longer felt safe. i started crying hysterically and shaking. he seemed to walk toward me and i couldn't get away. lights started flashing around him and i screamed for him to leave but no sound came out.

my friend came in and the man disappeared. everything slowed down until it almost stopped. time seemed to stand still and everything moved slowly. the colors were only in the corners of my eyes and were moving at a snail's pace. i started to look around at everything like i had never seen it before. the details were extraoridnary and bright. i couldn't think, only sit and look at the things around me. people seemed to fade in and out of my view. i got my friend to take me outside where i laid down and stared at the sky. the stars were amazing and had bright flashes following them as they moved aimlessly around the purple sky. aura's of light were in the distance and i smiled for hours and the beauty of the sky.

everything else was forgotten by the time i woke up the next afternoon. i think that shrooms are a wonderful experience if you are in familiar surroundings with friends, but i think going to a stranger's house with strangers really freaked me out. i was really paranoid with the other people, but outside talking to my friend was amazing. i really began to appreciate the wonders of nature. so i would definately recommend shrooms, as long as your with friends. (and check out the stars!)

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