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Psychedelia, My Hippy Experience

I split on a quarter with my friend Joe, I had about 3.

I split on a quarter with my friend Joe, I had about 3.5 grams and he had around 4.5 grams. We went to a little 15 person party and he ate them sooner than I did so he was tripping hard by the time I ate mine. They started kicking in fast, in about 15 minutes I was on the couch and was feeling intense space and saw the colors in the TV getting brighter and more defined. There were a few buddies of ours there (before the party was kicking) that just started drinking beers. I was starting to get a bit nervous and was sensing the 'what have i done, im going to be too messed' feelings. I went to the bathroom because my friends parents came downstairs and starting talking to us and were making me uncomfortable. As soon as I walked into the bathroom it was about 20 minutes after ingestion and I saw the patterns of the tile moving around. I was taking a leak, and beside the toilet the walls started fluxuating. I looked into the mirror and slightly saw parts of my face being stretched, then an instant later be back to normal, then stretched again. I was started to go down in fear and told everyone I was going to lie down for 5 minutes. After about 30 seconds I got up again and joined them. I was started to get uncomfortable and cramped so I proposed we go on a walk. We went outside and I was instantly refreshed and felt a billion times better. I loved taking big breaths of fresh winter air, it made me feel like a million bucks and refreshed. I started getting a lot of energy and was happy. I was tripping pretty hard on our walk and started feeling a connection to things around me, like the trees. The sky was tripping me out hardcore. We stopped at a spot where the trees lining the road came in like a valley, giving a perfect view of a spatter of stars, it was a very psychadelic scene, and I felt like a big hippy. We started having a snowball fight and having fun. We headed back inside and people started showing up. I was having big time visuals and slight hallucinations. The ceiling is wavy with plaster and I saw the shadows under the waves grow larger and it was looking very evil, but I was digging it. At some points I saw the ceiling melt down in spikes while the walls were fluxuating and breathing. Patterns on the floor were going crazy, I was having full on visuals all around me. I was in the garage for a bit and the walls have the wavy plaster, so I saw spikes melt horizontally from the wall. I took a shot of my friend's 75% alcohol and started coughing like hell, it tripped me out badly and I went to the bathroom to throw up because it was too much for my head. I started coming down after that and just chilled the rest of the night.

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