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psycadelic elf sex!

Im in an Amsterdam apartment, it's late and I have shared three 2.

Im in an Amsterdam apartment, it's late and I have shared three 2.5 gram bags of Mexican cubensis mushrooms with 5 people. I turn down the lights and spark up my pipe of pure skunk feeling relaxed and perfectly at ease with myself and my fellow trippers (all very close friends and likewise experienced). However none of us had tried cubensis before so this we hoped would be a real treat.
Within' 20 minutes we all started to feel the effects on our empty stomachs, and at the back of my head that oozy tingling began. After about 45 minutes, highly entertaining and excitable conversations were rattleing round the room. All and everything was falling under the spell of the joyful glow buliding up inside everyone. So far so good, as my eyes began to follow the traces on the passing spliffs somebody turned off the lights, so the only light in the room was shining a mild orange glow from the street lights outside.I loaded up another generous pipe of weed and dragged hard and deep closing my eyes, flexing my third eye, feeling for the visions.
There they were, no messing about straight into space(literally)!!there I was, birds eye view, flying full 3d through full colour space, galaxies, passing planets and ripping through space dust and supernovas..beautiful and breath taking to say the least. I blinked and even eyes open, the space still roared towards me in the darkness. I was so happy, and felt in the company of a new teacher, maybe older and wiser than the vibe I get from European Mushrooms (liberty caps etc). I love them too, for their giggle factor and soul searching wierdness, yet often find them somehow colder and acompanied with a almost damp sensation, earthy, pale and pastel with quasi-"Tolkien" imagery. This was different and definatly warmer and the feeling of true "ecstasy" running up and down my body and mindscape was blissfull (suddenly the idea of MDMA being the proud owner of the name "Ecstasy" seemed laughable..an I love Ecstasy?). As things progressed I found myself like everyone else heading for the floor, laying in the dark was most relaxing especially as someone put on one of them dodgy "Dolphin Love" cheesey ambient easy listning tapes. Complete with real singing Dolphins!....."WoW!!what a tape!!(still got it to this day i'm afraid:) As the visions continued I began to feel my body glowing, an especially the area between my legs, I found myself becoming increasingly aroused!. I dont know if it was smoking all that weed in the city of Sin!, but suddenly estatic tribal Mushroom orgies on the plains of Africa didn't seem atall far fetched an evolutionary idea!. I daren't look in my under pants as it felt that if I did, I'd find something huge and glowing red!like the "Devil's Hot-rocks". In fact it seemed to have it's own agenda as it pulsed away..giving me an incredible intense primal, but deep and beautifully Horny desire!!. Sex and love were at one in feeling and balance(thank god I was here with my girlfriend of 3 years, this might spice are recently declining sexlife?). Laying in a deepening animated trance, the visions continued, wonderful patterns and fractals decorating a highly spacious world pouring ever outward towards me. My eyes shut I became aware of a spiraling black, yet glistening dust heading my way. like a billion tiny pixels surging round forming a solid mass. It didn't take long to realise to my suprise (a pleasant one at that). There floating before me, now fully formed was the most beautiful visual expresion of feminin sexuality I'd ever seen!. A stunning elf- like cyber babe rotating before my eyes, blinking at me and sending me the destinct message that she was going to make love to me!..my heart beat was intensifying as she circled and spun closer, I remember gulping and preparing myself for what looking back now was possibly leading to a mental semi- physical orgasm. What ever it was I was overjoyed with excitment at the up and coming prospect
of entwining with female spirit of eros herself!..(what ever that means!). She seemed to be totally naked yet covered in a black yet see-through coating of something?. I looked her straight in the eye as there was a sensation of our auras coming together. I'd got the horn on highs before, but this was something I've never experienced before. This seemed like a real entity paying me a visit, I was in perfect simultaneous lust and love and it felt like right way to feel, completley naturel. I was overcome and so so excited as she flew up close to me, her eye's staring me out in an extreamly flirtatious manner, seemingly telepathic in nature. Imploring me to meet her on equal terms..to take each other.
Suddenly I felt a nudge in the side of my ribs as my girlfriend crawled half on to me for cuddles. The elf princess of pure sex, whisped back looking like a naughtey witch foiled at the last minute from stealing her prey. I naturelly was gutted and strained to mentally hang on to her, my girlfriend began to speak to me,she turned and disapeared into the swirling mass ahead. I opened my eyes and soon got over the disapointment as me and my lady enjoyed the best nights sex weve ever had, by the 7th time she was asleep, but I just couldn't calm my blissfull libido. Three times I visited the bathroom that night, and it wasn't to wash my hands!(though admitedly I did afterwards:). As amazed and equally shocked as I was by my late night antics the breakfast table brought fresh revelations as the confessions of all four of my friends (all single) revealed there had been a good reason for me listening to the bathroom door banging all night, when I eventually tried to lay down and sleep!. All agreed that cubensis is the horniest high, with alot more besides. As for my relationship?, well it's over now but I think that night greatly helped kick start our relationship and we made it for another 4 years before growing apart. So if ever your out there in Hyperspace and u get a cosmic call from a very beautiful dark haired cyber-pixie...take my advice, leave the room and for heavens sake lock the bathroom door!!:)

lots of love

Egokiller x


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