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Ps.Cub + Rue #1

Materials: 5 teaspoons of rue 8 grams of year-old dried cubensis marijuana Personnel: Me and 2 friends.

Materials: 5 teaspoons of rue
8 grams of year-old dried cubensis
Personnel: Me and 2 friends.
Preparation: followed all MAOi dietary precautions. chopped up rue in coffee grinder, cooked it in lemon water, strained it and cooked the murky fluid into a paste which was put in gelcaps.Made tea from the mushrooms.
Sequence: took one rue capsule @ 7:00pm, drank shrooms @ 8:00. Back to baseline @ 2:00am.
Trip level: 3.5
Setting: At my house.
The Rue had a pleasing, mild psychedelic effect with an unsettled but not nauseous stomach sensation. We went to the basement to lay down and listen to some Jazz. I felt good but mildly nauseated.
The Visuals were intense, but more transparent and less brightly colored than usual. Patterns went from lines to grids, to honeycombs, to hyper-honeycombs,constantly pushing out into newly accesable dimensions. I had the sensation of my body disintegrating, very gently being swept away like dust in the cosmic wind, and I felt the relationship between the particles present positions and their original positions in my body as a mathematical sequence
of inversions.
I felt at times as though Information was being pushed through a knotted loop
which was wrapped through my head and details about the next twelve years
were time-compressed into this stream which was recirculating through my mind.
Trickling timestreams raced through my skull.
Suddenly I started to think about ghettos and gangs in relation to nature and ecology.
The idea was that most ghettos are deep in the city, and the lack of ecology(trees,rivers,animals,un-lightpolluted sky,etc) was the indirect reason for gang violence. Lack of oxygen(no trees,less wind) causes increased paranoia and insecurity. Lack of adequate nutrition(ghettos are poor) causes a genetic fight-for-survival instinct to manifest and lack of Natural Fractal Beauty in urban areas causes a sense of hopeless recklessness.

I saw urban-gang warfare as a byproduct of living in an environmental devastation zone, the inability of humans to adapt to living in areas where
we have killed the earth's blanket of life.
Then I thought about the trend of internet shopping at home.
Was this growing so fast because the "outside" is becoming a scarier place to go? Random shootings, violence, pollution, ultraviolet radiation, biological outbreaks, environmental devastation and terrorism.
Was this a bad sign? The weather is changing and We have caused it. Storms are becoming more intense, 1/3 of the mature trees in france were recently downed in a storm, and the director of NOAA weather alert has confirmed global weather pattern changes.
I understood that this was happening to "thin the herd" and reduce human population, and everything thats not structurally stable enough to withstand the new level of weather would be destroyed. Houses,machines,roads and people
will have to become stronger and more durable across a wider range of conditions.

My friends and I decided to go upstairs and get some water. I was feeling like it was time to come down. I wanted to eat but was feeling too confused to determine a MAOi safe food.
Time dilation was EXTREME. Between 9:30 and 10:30pm took MONTHS to happen.
I felt stuck in time and was having trouble understanding the actions of my friends. I had no visuals at this point(11:00) but felt an extreme complexification of everything and felt "out of it" and paranoid.
Physically I felt pretty good, but wanted to eat so I could start to come down. The most together one of us cooked some rice which was stabilized my brain/body.
Overall it was a positive experience, But i'd rather just take some really strong mushrooms without the rue. The MAOi situation makes everything more complicated(diet,drug interactions) plus coming down seems to be rougher and more confusing.
Thanks,and Trip safe!

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