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Prodigy mother

Ok, so my buddy and I were searching for shrums for a couple days in a row.

Ok, so my buddy and I were searching for shrums for a couple days in a row...and on the third day, we got in touch with a friend of my buddies from work, and she had like 8 grams of shrums. We met up with her and bought em. We then went back to my house after buying 4 grams...and some pot, and we took them. WIthin 40 minutes I was trippin pretty bad....and I had it in my mind that my mom was cool with it, and that she was somehow some sort of prodigy on this quest i was on, and I needed to talk to her. so I walked up stairs and sat next to her talking, and telling her i was on shrums.WEll that was a big ass mistake. Anyway me and my friend are sitting down in my room, tripping balls, and my whole family knows we're fucked up. We both start thinking that being at my house is bad and we need to leave...so I sneak up and get my shoes, and we both leave out of my window. Now we are walking down the road...somewhat in our "peaks" and the journey to my friends house seems like a million years. Im walking through the streets of my own neighborhood, and Feel like im on another planet. NOt much to report about the colours, because it was like 3 in the morning, so it was pretty dark, but almost every shadow and object looked like a person. The Trip lasted for a total of maybe 5+ hours. It was definetely not worth it, because I have some pot plants growing, and upon finding out about my taking shrums, my parents informed me I no longer have the luxury of growing pot, and I have untill the end of the day to move it, or they will kill it. So all in all, good trip, bad outcome

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