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Prepared First-Timer

Early this week I had my first experience with shrooms.

Early this week I had my first experience with shrooms.

I'm 27, and until the other day had only used cannabis, and DXM a few times (but not worth mentioning.)

After consulting with a number of friends who are in the know (as well as my fiance) I decided it would be nice to try it out. I'm a deeply philosophical person anyway, and I figured they'd definitely be an interesting addition to my spiritual path. So my fiance managed to get some, and we both started out with small doses, mainly for my benefit since it was my first time. We took approximately 2 grams each to start out with, but by the end of the evening, we'd consumed the entire bag (for a total of 5-6 grams each.)

My first impression was that the dried mushrooms tasted kinda like stale popcorn. Later doses tasted MUCH better. After about 20 minutes (we took them around 9:30ish) and a couple of hits off a joint, I was feeling pretty good. At first, it just seemed like an intensified high. Then I noticed that certain areas of the wall were turning funny colors, but only when I didn't look directly at them. (Which is somewhat normal for me anyway. I tend to see lots of things out of the corner of my eye.) However, this time it gave me the giggles, and I knew the mushrooms had probably kicked in at that point. The giggling fits came and went over the course of the night, and never lasted longer than a few minutes (though whatever I was laughing at was so intensely funny, I lost track of time and felt like I was laughing for hours.)

The mania eased and I slipped into a much more trancelike state, which was a lot more comfortable. I still noticed that I was cold (which lasted the entire trip) but it wasn't a bad cold. Even so, I wrapped up in a microsuede blanket, which felt absolutely, sinfully wonderful against my bare legs and arms. We sat back and watched a movie on Sci-Fi called Slipstream, which would have probably otherwise been boring and stupid, but I was thoroughly entertained.

I thought the movie would never end. It felt like it'd been on all night, but true to TV programming schedules, it only lasted 2 hours. Then it was time for cartoon network, but I kind of lost interest in the TV at that point. The wall behind the couch was much more entertaining. I saw geometric patterns sliding around and merging into one another, becoming something new each time. Little black spots on the wall (long story, there was a lot of dirt we just painted over) took on primary colors and sort of moved around. I made the shapes rearrange themselves with my finger (sort of like having a bunch of iron filings in sand and using a magnet to make them move.) That was highly amusing, and kept me occupied in between brief moments of seriously deep thoughts.

Coming up actually sort of felt like being on the upward incline of a roller coaster, and I never was really sure when I peaked. I felt like I peaked a couple of times. At one point I believe I actually had a spontaneous orgasm, which my fiance said was entirely normal. I also felt very erotically stimulated much of the time, even when my mind was occupied with other things.

Mentally, I went through a progression. I took my dose with the full understanding that I was in control of my trip and that if I didn't like anything about it, all I had to do was change it. That made me feel a lot more confident. (I also had a feeling of protection and safety from almost the moment I swallowed my first shroom.) I felt very nice going into it, and excited about the potential experience. As I was coming up, I would occasionally run into a wall of what I think was some sort of intense fear. Knowing that I was in control helped, because I simply relaxed and didn't let it bother me. That actually allowed me through the barriers, which opened up whole new realms of thought.

When I closed my eyes, I saw lots of things, things I couldn't even begin to describe. I saw a conception of death, but it wasn't your typical robed and hooded skeleton carrying a scythe. It was a celestial winged horse, with a silvery body and ethereal wings made of stars (the mane and tail were stars too.) And for some reason it stood dominant in front of the entire zodiac. I still don't get that part, but I wasn't afraid, because I came to the realization that death really is only a transition. (I've known this cognitively, but not understood it as deeply as I did that night.) I was really philosophical, and I should have written things down, but suffice it to say, I gained a new perspective on a lot of things, which I will focus on more the next time I have the opportunity.

It took me all night to convince my fiance to download a song for me that I thought would be appropriate. When I finally got him to download Sandstorm, I made him play it over and over, which was neat, because it felt like I was riding the music. And I got all kinds of visuals that way too. It's a fast song, so I pictured a lot of battle scenes. Greek-style Triemes floating in the air at sunset, a whole fleet of them, each with an individual energy shield surrounding them. Lions made entirely of solidified flame, with fiery riders on their backs, rode the skies as well, but not at the same time as the ships. There was a tree floating in midair. The top part branched into the evening sky, and the bottom part branched into the dawn sky. There were no roots, just the trunk and branches.

I saw things with my eyes open, too. In addition to the geometric patterns on the walls, which lasted most of the night, the walls were breathing, the curtains were rustling of their own accord, and there was a white lynx outside staring right through the closed curtains. There was also a phantom cat that looked just like one I actually have sitting on top of a wall (the living room/dining room is divided by a 3/4 wall, which is where my cats love to sit.) Of course, when I turned to look, he wasn't there anymore. I felt totally effervescent most of the time, which was really cool, and every now and again, it was like one of the bubbles in me would pop with a miniature explosion of colored light. Nothing could touch me that night. I felt great, more confident than I had in a long time, and I think I may have dealt with some underlying issues because I was in a position where I could do so and it wouldn't be unpleasant at all. I had access to everything in my subconscious mind, and had I been just a bit more prepared, I might have done better work. But this time was intended for fun and to get my feet wet, so to speak, not to accomplish anything big.

The only mistake we made was in not having enough water on hand. We went to the store at one point because I was craving a Mt. Dew Code Red (which tastes so awesome when you're in an altered state) but failed to get water. I know that the active ingredient is a mild neurotoxin, which induces a lot of the hallucinatory effects as well as the physical ones, but it also dehydrates. I think that may be part of the reason I woke up feeling a little ill.

Anyway, thanks for reading...

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