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powerful trip.

3rd trip.

3rd trip. (1st was a level 2, second just level one (got ripped off on chocolates))
oev:yes2d(layered for a few minuted at peak)

The other Day i saw the most beautiful things acompanied by some of the most paranoid moments i have ever had.

OK, so me and my friend P are chilling out one thursday and word had it that shrooms were around. We bought some shrooms, and when we took them out of the bag i wsa astonished at how blue they had stained. We each weighed ourselved out 2.5 grams of dry mushrooms. we had planned on a full eighth but we decided to have a chill night.

In our cramped dorm room we ate the shrooms (done at 6;45pm). Ate the shrooms washed down with water and centrum vitamin pills. We put the family guy movie on and waited for the magic.

after about half an hour i started feeling weightless, and noticed a sort of body momentum that i have learned to associate with shrooms.

my friend and i decided that we would go try and mooch a bowlpack off of somebody who lives here in the dorm with us, well he got drunk and forgot about us so we ended up just standing around outside the dorm with the kids smoking cigarettes. I bummed one off someone, and then the peak of the trip came.

As i was staring off into the distance at another dorm building i saw something i cant quite explain. Other than the dancing trees that were smiling, the building as a whole seemed to multiply and turned into an amazing fractal distortion. I was awestruck as it was the first time i had seen such a beautiful thing on shrooms. At this point my mind started going crazy. some kids knew that me and my friend were tripping so they were asking me questions. I could not hear them unless i was looking directly at them. Now i was so confused, i thought that people were making fun of me and pointing, and sudenly all my insecurities came to the surface. The next 10 minutes were spent just trying not to think. Then we went back to the dorm room and lyed in our beds with the tv on. I didnt mind it at first, but the tv turned out to be a buzzkill in the end, because it introduced so many new ideas into my head that i didnt want to think about.

so we came to the conclusion that we wanted to smoke some grass, we went down to the dealer down the hall and picked up a gram. We smoked and were hit again now with the combined forces. After spacing out and staring at the carpet for a while seeing cool shapes lizzards and patterns i decided to go on a walk because the room was boring me.

by now i had become at peace with the mindfuck that was happening in my head, and i coucl choose to think about whatever, or nothing. I decided to think about funny things, and i started thing about things like "what would i do if i was cartman, or the president, or a famous person"

anyways after about an hour of walking smoking cigs and talking to random strangers i returned to my room and still was tripping a little, it was around 12 and i fell asleep contetedly at around 2.

i woke up with a headache the next day. and upon smoking a bowl i was surprised to get alot higher than usual, everything was very colourful like when shrooms first start kiking.

overall a really fun trip exept for dealing with people who were talking about me, and one girl that deliberately bugged out my friend, i swear she should have been slapped, but i was feeling very non violent. ;)

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