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potent magic mushrooms

we had been waiting for a trip for a while now about 3 mouths the rain finaly came and the search was on .

we had been waiting for a trip for a while now about 3 mouths the rain finaly came and the search was on . my mate had heard of this new spot so we went and had alook . not much was there realy we only found 12 . we were hoping for more so we went and got some weed. that was our frist mistake of the night . we eat six each and had a few cones.so we waited and got some BK suddenly the trip came on real hard .i had taken over 30 before but this new spot had ther most potent mother fucking mushies ever. mymate got to scared to drive so we we gave one of your mates a session and ask him to drive us around . to the lake we went . i roll a joint it looked so small but the none triping friend said i us a whole tinnie and that was one fat joint we left the lake . now it hit so dam hard everthing looked so freaky i felt like i was out of my body for th next few hours. i was 4km away from my house and had to be by myself.NOTE never take a trip with some you hate i hate this guy was tripping with but he can get alot of drugs and there is not to many cotacts in this small town.i was in one hell of a mood taht other guy was talkin about kiling us .so i ran the fuck and left one of my best mate with a fucking carzy dick head sorrrrry.it took me 2 half hors to get home . This was one hell of a jounry it was pissing down with rain. the few people i past look so gothic
EXTREME paranoia lok place ever 30 min and last for about 10. and then i was relaxed it was so good at these times but i knoew th paranoia would be back . small hallucination were on going all the time. and then the mother of all my body melted an was a spirt in the wind i was looking over the town like a bird. next thing i was at my mates house siting in the garden. i dont know how i got there . i went inside had a word to them and came down quite quick it was a trip of extremes it might have even been a level 5

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