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Birthday First Timer

Okay it was recently my birthday and i had planned on going into the city with some friends but for one reason or another it didnt happen, i was upset but of course my good friend S.

Okay it was recently my birthday and i had planned on going

into the city with some friends but for one reason or

another it didnt happen, i was upset but of course my good

friend S. came to the rescue and said "hey bro come to I.'s

house your doing mush for the first time tonight!" ive been

waiting a long time to try it and decided alright so i head

over to I.'s house and down an 8th about a half hour later i

start getting really laughy, things that shouldnt have been

funny were hilarious! i laid down on the couch and sunk into

it to the floor and when i stood up i was as taller for some

reason, after this we all just sat around with P. our trip

sitter smokin some ganj, that is when i got lost in the

carpet patterns, i literally felt as if i was swimming in

them until i was rudely awoken by my fellow psychonauts,

after this S.'s ex-girlfriend calls and starts bitching

about one thing or another and starts to completely ruin

S.'s trip he asked us to leave the room and we went down

stairs , i sat in a chair and blew my cigarette smoke up at

the light and watched the smoke turn into different things i

had seen or thought about, after that the fire place which

was painted onthe wall began to move and shift, by this time

S. had gotten off the phone and we were off on our

destination of the beach, beach no. 1 as we called it, but

first I. declared that him and i must smoke an entire 20

pack of mini cigars, so we smoke more pot, and then lit up

and headed out the door, we walked and smoked til we came to

beach 1 which was actually just a narrow pier that went 50

feet uot into the lake, we walkedo ut to the end and i sat

down cross legged and turned on my ipod to some soothing

tunes and just lost myself in the way the stars looked on

the water and the lights in the distance, one of my ear buds

popped out and i heard I, P, and S talking and the whispers

that came through both of my ears freaked me out for a

minute and i had to stop the music and calm down, after we

sat there for awhile we went back to I.'s house and smoked a

little more pot , and lit up another cigar we talked about

more stupid shit, and then all of a sudden Ian turned me

into a super hero, he put a spatchula in my hand and

declared me egg flipper boy, and him cd labeler man! and we

set out of the house again in search of beach 2, we had been

talking about beach 2 for quite some time, and S. kept

saying "you know, beach 2 is only gonna be something we talk

about" and we headed out into the night and walked for what

seemed like forever even though it was only 15 minutes ,

andw e found a park and played for awhile, it was great fun

with the orange light and the patterns in the grass, after

this we finally got to beach 2 and me and I. both turned and

said "told you!" to S. at the same time, well we couldnt

stay at beach 2 so we headed to beach 3, which was the best

beach of all with a bench to get lost in the lake with, we

played at the park that was at beach 3 and i sank into the

grass and felt wonderful, i kept seeing things in the

clouds, and just feeling wonderful, well we walked back home

and on our way some guys get into a car and drive behind us,

we start gettin a little paranoid, they drive ahead of us,

and stop, then back up and ask us if we have a smoke and if

we lived around here, they looked like total douchebag

assholes, so we all told them no even though we all did, and

they were like "yeah, uh huh your lying, but be cool" and

they turned the cornor, luckily we were right by I.'s house

we headed inside and heard the saturn come back around

looking for us, we sat around smoked and talked about more

stupid shit and about the dumbest things and theories, it

was great, we were starting to come down and we were hungry

so we had P. drive us to the local dennys where i orderd 10

dollars worht of food, and ate about 1/4 of it because after

it got there food for some reason seemed unnatural, after we

finished at dennys ,we met up with this girl who was friends

with scotts and went back to I.s house talked about more

stupid shit, the whole night ended at around 4 am when i

decided i was sober enough to drive home, i got home at 4 30

and dove into my bed and layed there for an hour and a half

trying to sleep, finally passed out and woke up feeling the

best i have in months it all lasted about 6 hours, 10pm-4am.

Sorry the post was so long but it was a great night, just

leaves your thoughts at the beep *beep*.

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