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pot cant do this!!!!

me and myfriend had never smoked or ate pot before so one day we decided to try eatin a little ball of hash each.

me and myfriend had never smoked or ate pot before so one day we decided to try eatin a little ball of hash each..it was goood powerful hash ...as now im an expeirenced pot smoker....anyways weate it at around 9 pm then like an hour later my friend (15) said that his jaw was heavy then i pretended to laugh and said ya i cant move my legs...of course we were both lying....about 2 hours later i woke up and it felt like i was suspended high abover the earth like at the tip of a roller coaster befor a big hilli was freeeking out..then i felt sick and started pukin...it made me feel better and i was lying on the floor of the bathroom...then i woke up later and i was seeingthings and i couldent figure out if i was dreaming or not and ...well this is hard to explain but...there was this guy that had a fan for a head that idd see just standing there and when the heat vent came on that was him making a noise...like vvooooooooo...then when i looked athim he would say...what???...that happend and it was totally scary and i have never beent his scared in my life....then i closed my eyes and it felt like i was flying into a building then fying back out really fast and i opend my eyes becaus ei was terrified and i was having tunnel vision in the bedroom...i puked several times after that ,,the whole night felt like it would never end and i was praying for it to be over but it felt like an eternity and it was the most terrifying scary experience in my life...the next day i was driving to nelson b.c and the wholeway i was soooo sick and felt the worst i had ever felt...the onoly thing that would make me feel better was yawning for some reason....his dad wondered why when i woke up in the morning i puked in the sink downstairs and then my friend did too and we siad we had bad popcorn at the movies the night before...i later smoked pot and had sort of flashback to that time and pot also scared me and i was like i wanna be high and laugh like evryone else....i smoked up like 10 times after that and it seemed to fade away..but after my frist time smokin it id lay in bed and freek out and it felt like i was falling through the bed ....butnow i can get high and laugh i guess u just havto smoke a ott hen u have fun doin it....thanx for readin this and if anyone has experince danything like this before email me at imunderscorecool@hotmail.com thanks

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