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Please take heed....

This last Sunday was my third time tripping.

This last Sunday was my third time tripping. The two other trips were awesome, and only positive things happened from them. However this trip was different. During the end if it, my friend had gone to sleep, and I had no one to talk to. My friend had also taken exactly the same as I had, so I was a little scared as to why I hadn't come down the same time he did. So, like an idiot I started panicing. Having no one to talk to made me really depressed, which is really bad to experience on a trip, because it's about 5 times more powerful a feeling than when sober. Suddenly I had an inredible urge to talk to myself, so now I'm thinking "great i'm going schitzo". Whatever you first time trippers do, DON'T THINK YOU'RE GOING CRAZY!!, because you're not. (Remember, it's just a drug, and the it will stop when you come down) Unfortunatley, I forgot this, so now I'm shivering in my bed trying to force the trip to stop. I guess the shrooms didn't like the fact I was trying to make them quit, so instantly, everything in my room (Tapestries, Dead Posters, A Bob Marley Video, etc...) started literally mocking me and teasing me. It wasn't words, but I could see and feel an evil vibe flowing from them, Bob Marley's movements were like a kindergartner mocking me, and the tapestry was just plain negative towards my being. If this ever happens to you, OCCUPY YOUR MIND WITH SOMETHING POSITIVE! For me this was Rice Crispies. I made myself a bowl of them and the crackling noice kind of lifted my spirits a little. Also, it's not over til it's over. It took me about 2 more hours until the depression (and the feeling I was losing my mind and could do nothing about it) stopped, when I came down. Now, remember, Mushrooms is an incredible experience, if you RESPECT them. That night something inside me died, and I will never be the same. Ever. Please don't take this as a reason not to do mushrooms, but be careful. Always do them in a positive environment, and if something goes wrong, find someone you can talk to, and who can help you through it (preferably someone who's tripped before). ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THAT IT'S A DRUG AND IT WILL END.

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