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My friend and I decided to eat an 1/8 of shrooms one saturday night at Southern Illinois University.

My friend and I decided to eat an 1/8 of shrooms one saturday night at Southern Illinois University. We ate them at about eight o'clock at night. Then we waited. About forty minutes later, we had a good buzz. (nothing to compare to later that night) We were playing video games in our dorm, when we both realized we dont care who wins. So we decided to go out.

We went for a walk, it happened to end at a park bench no more than 50 yards away from my dorm building. We sat at this bench for a good 45 minutes. We were babbling back and forth about our opinions of the world (very fascinating at the time). Then we went for a walk through the woods to buy cigarettes at a near by store. In the woods there is a path, which we could not find, which is amazing because it's a big path. Once we were in the woods it almost became pitch black. Plus both of us were seeing pixels. Everything we looked at was made up of pixels that we could see (one of the coolest experiences).

After we bought our cigarettes, with a little laughing at the store clerk (for no reason), we were on our way back to my dorm. When we got there, we could not find my room. We searched the whole building, but neither of us could tell which room was ours, they all looked the same. This scared us so we left the room and went for another walk. During this walk we both saw this cat, that looked so cute. Now, both of us never use the term cute, so this was especially weird. At closer review I realized this was no cat, but a posum. I my friend did not believe me, he wanted to go pet the so-called cat. So he got about three feet away from the animal before realizing this was indeed a posum, I have never seen him be so scared in his life. He was talking about having to go to the hospital after being bit by the posum. Soon we ran into our other friends, went to a party and started smoking pot and drinking. The visuals got better as the night went on, I saw melting walls and my friends kept hearing trains going through the next rooms. It was altogether a great experience.

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