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pink floyd 'n friends

May i just start by saying that this is the first time that ive ever tried mushrooms and it was everything i thought it could be: good, bad, strange, and way better than smoking pot.

May i just start by saying that this is the first time that ive ever tried mushrooms and it was everything i thought it could be: good, bad, strange, and way better than smoking pot.

The day started with me and my freind Evan (who looks a little strange with his "Jim Morrison-like" hair)going over to our friend Greg's house to ingest an 1/8 of p. cubensis each, that we had bought the night before. Our friends parent were at work until 4 o clock and his brother would be home after noon. The current time was something like 11 o clock.

We went in and ate the shrooms imediatly (eager to try them) and then went down the stairs of Greg's three story appartment, to the lowest level. By the way, he has a REALLY COOL downstairs (perfect for shrooms). We were sippin some orange juice to get rid of the taste and Greg put in this trippy pink floyd dvd (it had music to like all their most psycadelic songs). about 1/2 hour after we had eaten the shrooms Evan started to trip and he went into the other room.

Meanwhile Greg and i are sitting the listening to Floyd and watching the cool pictures. About 10 minutes after Evan had left the room i began to trip. I wasn't even looking at the T.V., i was staring at the shadows that were doing this rather seductive dance on the wall. They were intertsecting to the beat of the song: echos. I asked Greg if he was trippin and he said no. so i started talking to him, and he got all pissed off because i wasn't making any sense. Then i went to drink some more orange juice and Greg hit me because he was mad, and i spilled on myself. Then he was yelling because he thought i spilled on his mom's white couch. I said, "Relax i just spilled on my arm." I got mad at Greg for hitting me and went upstairs after saying, "I think ive lost Greg." I walked up the stairs and looked at the kitched floor which had a pattern and was moving to the right to the beat of the music(similar to the way the bricks shine in mario 3).

I looked at myself in the mirror and described myself as an egg. I was contemplating through my jumbled crazy thoughts and came to the question, "what if all we are is an orange juice spill on the arm of the world". I was totally crazy. I went into the room in which evan was laying down and layed down next to him to watch the ceiling swirl in red and blue colors. I said stuff that diddn't make any sense like "Evan, i tried to grab a logical though on the way into this rroom but i got lost in my own mind again." He said "what?" and proceeded to poke me with a pen.

Greg's brother, Eric, came home, and it was about 1:30 (i had to be told what time it was because the non-digital watch in my pocket was confusing). Greg was complaining about not tripping and then took Evan and i outside for a walk. As i listened to the sounds of people, all my senses were hightened and then lowered. We're went through a forest area by gregs house and i wasn't seeing things so much as i was feeling them. I look at evan and said "Groove this slippery lovin feelin and he just laughed." I suddenly freaked out because i remembered i had to go home and go to a concert at a certain time with my mom. Evan and Greg asked when the concert was and i wasnt sure. They told me i better go and i walked home.

It was only a five minute walk but it seemed longer because i kept counting on my fingures trying to figure out time and numbers, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10...what exactly does that mean. I got home and freaked out because right then my mom came home. I attempted to make conversation but to try and not seem suspicious...to no avail. I asked what time we were going and my mom got mad and said, "what time did i tell you we were going?!?!" I looked at the clock for a few seconds, turned to my mom and said "ok." I sat on the couch and watched T.V. until we left at 3:30 and i was still trippin...my eyes looked as big as the moon and i still looked eggy.

In conclusion it was fun, until the end. I spent the rest of the day in a daze...even when i met billy idol (the concert i went to). Greg tripped, just later then us. It took like 2 hours and another 2 grams until he tripped. He had to play in pep band at the football game and he said the music he was trying to read was melting of the paper. I plan on doing them again but not for a while...out of respect for a freind who committed suicide while on shrooms. It was caused by about 75% deppresion and 25% shrooms. Be careful with shrooms and don't do them if your depressed.

thx for listening

p.s. R.I.P. Billy Nigh

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